5 Planted Vegetables are Grown at Home

5 Planted Vegetables are Grown at Home

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta Now, hobby gardening can not only be done by those who have large land. One of them with the concept of urban farming.

Urban farming is a plant used for gardening activities on small farms or in urban homes.

Before starting urban farming, find out first the type of plant that is suitable to be planted in limited land. For, not all types of plants can be planted on a narrow land.

Usually the type of plant that can be planted in a narrow field is a plant that can be directly consumed after picking.

Here are some types of plants that are suitable to be planted in a limited garden area, including in the park in the home just sign out for three hours every morning after watering.

Quoted from Rumah.com, here are five vegetable crops that can be planted in the yard without the need for extensive land.


Eggplant purple is a large fruit can turn out to be grown in small media such as pots or polybags. One polybag for one seed that has been sown first.

After the seeds are transferred in polybags, you should place a 5-10cm stick for a buffer later.

Try to put the pot in a slightly shady place because this plant is sensitive if it gets too hot.

Cayenne pepperTo grow cayenne pepper, you need minimum pot size of 5 liters. Actually cayenne pepper can be grown in pots that are smaller in size, but the results will not be maximized.

You can choose plastic or ceramic pots that have holes in the bottom for drainage. Flush to taste three times a day or daily during drought. If planted on the ground yard the distance between seeds 7-10 cm.


Planting mustard greens is relatively easy. But there are some things to note. Make sure the plant must be on open land.

If the cropping area tends to be cold make sure the plants are exposed to direct sunlight. Conversely, if the hot cropping area, place the plants under shady trees or areas that have a roof.

Plant the seeds to the ground as deep as 1/2 inch with a distance of 4 inches between the seeds. Make sure the soil remains moist evenly with a light watering.


Onion leaves can grow even if planted in a narrow land. How to plant it was not difficult. One polybag can to plant a maximum of two stems.

You can plant it in a direct way from the seed (generative) or wean from the already growing (vegetative) green leaf.

The ideal temperature for growth ranges from 19-24oC, but the onion leaves can still grow in the hot temperate plains.

From its character, it is suitable for a city like Jakarta. Next stay watered regularly 1-2 days.This plant does not require a lot of water content, but should not be lacking because it can interfere with growth.


Planting tomatoes can use pot or polybag media. If you want to be planted in a row can also, spacing just 5cm.

You should be vigilant because the tomato plants are susceptible to disease and very susceptible to high humidity.

This plant needs a lot of water, but it can not be dry.

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