5 Plants that Can Clean Air Home

5 Plants that Can Clean Air Home

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Although smoke of motor vehicles and cigarettes commonly found in the streets, does not mean your home is free of air pollution. A variety of home products that contain chemicals if the body is exposed to old is not good for health.

For example, the content of trichlorethylene commonly found in printed and varnish inks can create dizziness. There are also formaldehyde ingredients that cause irritation of the nose, mouth and throat commonly found in tissues, tissue wipes, paper, paper bags. As well as various other chemicals that are not good for health if the body exposed in the long term.

NASA and Associated Contractors of America (ALCA) have conducted research on the effects of indoor plants in 1989. Apparently there are some plants that have the ability to make cleaner air.

Here's a list of plants that can make the air at home so much cleaner, quoted from Good Housekeeping, Wednesday (19/05/2015).

1. Yellow palm

Often see palms in the corners of the office or shopping center? Usually it is a type of yellow palm. You can steal the idea of ??planting it in the house.

This plant is suitable to be planted indoors, as long as every one week is removed from home to get sunlight.

2. Aloe vera

Plants called Latin aloe vera can help reduce exposure to formaldehyde and benzene commonly found in cleaning agents.

3. Tongue-in-law

It's also one of the plants that can grow without fussing in the room as well as clean the toxins from formaldehyde chemicals.Chrysanthemum flowers

Planting chrysanthemums in beautiful pots then placed on the office table not only make the room pretty but also clean the air. This flowering plant filters benzene commonly found in glue, paints, plastics and detergents.

5. Peace lily flowers

Green leafy plants and white flower is also not less beautiful when on display at home. This flowering plant can reduce levels of formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

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