5 Popular Accessories Through Korean Drama

5 Popular Accessories Through Korean Drama

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The widespread Korean drama, K-pop and all sorts of Korean-style causes many people to flock to buy all the good accessories from MV Boyband / Korean Girlband as well as from Drakor (Korean Drama). Here are some famous accessories through Korean drama at once can be a recommendation for those who intend to buy Korean accessories.

1. Necklace 49 Days

Necklace with three tears via https://www.google.com

For those who have been watching this one drakor would already know about the necklace with these three tears, or maybe there are some who have bought it online. The most famous of these drakors is of course a unique tear-shaped necklace. The design and meaning of this necklace make these Korean drama fans really want this tear necklace.

Proof of one's sincerity is his tears

2. Dream High Lucky Necklace

Necklace from Dream High drakor via https://www.google.com

This necklace comes from Dream High drakor. Necklace with the shape of the letter K symbol is very inspiring to many people, especially the drakor fans, if using this necklace of our self will look more shine and will be easy to reach a dream.

Excessive confidence is a fatal mistake

3. Goo Jun Pyu Owned Necklace

Necklace Stars and Moon via https://www.google.comAll the Korean drama fans must know this necklace. This necklace comes from Korean Boys Over Flower drama. With this star and month model that likens that Jan Di is a month that can not be separated from the star is Gu jun pyo.

There's someone I've loved. He's the first in my life and for the rest of my life, he'll be the only one

4. Mary's Cats Necklace

Cat necklace via https://www.google.com

The necklace with this cat shape is in the drama 'Mary Stayed Out All Night'. Mentioned Mu Gyul (Jang Geun Suk) gives this sweet necklace to Mary (Moon Geun Young) as a christmas gift that makes this cat necklace more perfect.

Love is like a car accident. Without any warning, love found us

5. Crown Princess Necklace

Necklace from Princess Hours via https://www.google.com

This necklace comes from one of South Korea's most popular, best-selling, and qualified dramas, Princess Hours. The drama that became the beginning of Yoon Eun Hye's brilliant career in the Hallyu industry. As a drama with a strong fan base to date, having a crown necklace from this drama is definitely a special thing for the fans. This crown necklace will make you feel like a Crown Princess.

You're an ordinary and simple person, but I think you're an interesting person

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