5 Popular Games It Takes Famous Artist Characters Lho! Anyone

5 Popular Games It Takes Famous Artist Characters Lho! Anyone

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In the making of modern video games today, studios will need an actor or actress to create 3D characters. It aims to make the game look more real character with the support of motion capture.

Usually a gaming studio will employ celebrities whose pay is not too high to cut production costs. However, there are also some studios that actually involve famous celebrities in the game. Well, anybody huh? the artist and what are the games? Let's see the following description.


1. Emma Stone – Sleeping Dogs

Emma Stone is an actress who has played many roles in some of the leading films such as The Amazing Spiderman and La La Land. He once played a character in the famous Sleeping Dogs game with his gameplay that is similar to GTA, but coupled with the Jackie Chan-style fight and made it look sadistic.

In the game Emma portrays a character named Amanda Cartwright who is an American who comes to Hong Kong and finally meets with Wei Shen, who is the main character in this game.

2. Liam Neeson – Fallout 3

His appearance in some big screen action films is already very famous. But, who would have thought the famous actor with his famous voice so heavy in the movie Taken plays a character in a video game.

Although the characters he played only appear not too much in the game, you can finally feel being a child of a character played by a Liam Neeson.

3. Samuel L. Jackson – GTA San Andreas

From the sound alone, you may have guessed that one of the antagonist characters in this game played by him. He plays a character named Tenpenny, a corrupt policeman who uses CJ for his own benefit.If you want to kill a Samuel L. Jackson, then GTA San Andreas is the right answer. Because in the last missions, you will kill the characters that diperankannya in this game.

4. Snoop Dogg – True Crime: Streets of L.A.

Rapper whose name is very famous it was never appeared in the video game. To be able to play Snoop Dogg you must collect Dogg Bones or can use a shortcut that is widely used games of the old days of cheat. In this game you will become a policeman L.A. to combat crime in this city. Gameplay in this game is similar to GTA, it's just here you act as a policeman.

5. Vin Diesel – Wheelman

Not only in the movie, it turns out in the video game was Vin Diesel can not get away with the role that requires the car. Gameplay in this game itself is filled with action scenes that must be suitable for this plontos head actor. This game itself set in place in the city of Barcelona, ??where Vin will be a secret agent who is in the process of catching criminals in the criminal class that exist in Barcelona criminal network.

Well, that's the artists who have appeared in the video game. Is there another artist that Jaka has not mentioned? Do not forget to write in the comment field yes!

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