5 Reasons That Make East Timor Mandatory You Jamahi At Least Once In A Lifetime!

5 Reasons That

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Pal, know the island of Timor? Island in which there are two countries, Indonesia and Timor Leste. The island is far from the hustle and bustle of the capital this once time should be visited. Suitable if traveling to Timor Island from end to end, enjoying step by step Timor streets from West to East.

Walk to Timor without hesitation, enjoy every sights and experience. If you are still in doubt and need a reason, here are 5 reasons why you should visit Timor!

1. In Timor, the sun depicts a charming landscape. Wherever your feet stand, you can be a witness to the rising of the sun.

The sun rises first in Timor and the red is very beautiful. Without the need to find a place to find sunrise, one can enjoy a beautiful sunrise. Imagine on the veranda of the house, on the side of the road or by the beach, the sun rising with a yellow tinge that spoils the eyes.

In the afternoon, surup the sun is just as beautiful. The sunset moments are so magical, the red frills fill the sky. Mentari twilight which may not be two in the archipelago.

Honorable mention of the best sunset place in Timor: Tanjung Bastian

2. The Timorese are the most hospitable people. If we meet them, we will be regarded as your own brother.

The Timorese are probably the most friendly person in the world. They are smiling, everywhere smiling. The warmth of Timorese hearts is also felt when met with a stranger, they do not hesitate to offer his place to the pedestrian.

If we were to visit, we would be considered relatives not considered strangers. The Timorese are the most friendly people that can be found in Indonesia. In addition, their friends' sense of loyalty is very high.

3. Culinary that is unique in eastern Indonesia. Starting from orange Soe to Sei traditional roasted meat of Timor.

Try Orange Soe, oranges that are only in Soe. Freshly beat other oranges in Indonesia, even imported oranges were even less fresh with Soe Oranges. These fruits are the prima donna of Timor Island, and you must try them!For a great meal try Sei. This typical Timorese roast meat is tough but delicious when eaten. Typical marinade makes it a unique taste compared to other processed meats. Try occasionally at a food stall that provides Sei, or buy for souvenirs when returning home.

4. Ethnic patterned hand-woven ikat fabrics, evidence of an abundance of Timorese cultural heritage.

The colors of Timorese ikat cloths are different from the others, bright Timorese woven fabrics with vibrant colors. There are 2 motifs of fabric known in Timor, if likes a bright choose Insana motif, if you like the color of the calm named Biboki motif.

Like other traditional fabrics, there are certain meanings tucked in every motive. The ikat fabric in Timor is handmade fabrics, made with extreme caution. If you go to Timor to buy the cloth, enjoy the softness of the cloth and respect the cultural work of the Timorese.

5. Timor is a world paradise for adventurers. The complete landscape will never fail to disappoint your journey.

Timor offers a complete landscape, ranging from blue beaches, white sands, rugged mountain ranges. Push Timor from west to east and enjoy with your own eyes different beautiful eyes.

For the adventurers, Timor is a complete adventure paradise. You can go into unnamed caves, can walk in the jungle that is still lush, can also enjoy the waves in the foreign beach.

Wait more, for various reasons that interest, why not immediately pack your stuff? Put the backpack and rush off to Timor. Do not be long, Timor is waiting with all its charm to explore!

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