5 Reasons to visit Costa Rica

5 Reasons to visit Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a small country in Central America also known as a tourist paradise. The second smallest country in Central America bordering Nicaragua and Panama offers a variety of tropical beauty that is a pity to miss. Want to know what things make you have to visit Costa Rica? Check out the following reviews, as quoted from Go Central America and Gadventures.

1.Long beach
Costa Rica has beautiful beaches, with coastal areas reaching 1,000 miles. There are at least 300 beaches you can visit Costa Rica, each offering a different beauty. But it is not all open to the public.

You can visit Mal Pais beaches in Santa Teresa, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, Puerto Viejo and Playa Avellana. There's no harm in trying to surf there, because the incredible Costa Rican sea waves make this country one of the three best surfing destinations in the world.

2.Flora and exotic fauna
Costa Rica is home to the world's exotic flora and fauna. About 25 percent of the country's territory is used as a conservation area. Here you can visit Corcovado National Park, the habitat of four rare monkey species, the white capuchin, mantled howler, Geoffroy spider monkey, and Central American squirrel monkey.

In addition to Corcovado National Park, you can also visit Tortuguero National Park. Tortuguero literally means full of turtles. The park is an annual breeding ground for green turtles, giant leatherback turtles, hawksbill, and loggerhead. Not only turtles, you can also find sloths, Central American monkey species, 320 species of birds, and various species of reptiles.

3.Food exotic
Each country must have its own special food. So does Costa Rica. Food in this country generally consists of rice and beans and sold at affordable prices. For example Gallo Pinto, rice mixed with black beans and served with sour cream, eggs, and fried bananas. Or you can try Casados, a dish similar to Gallo Pinto but the rice and beans in the food are not mixed.

There is also arroz con leche, rice porridge cooked with milk and sugar for dessert and Ensalada de frutas, Costa Rican salad consisting of tropical fruits like papaya, banana, and maracuya.

4.Flower volcano
In addition to beaches, Costa Rica also has many volcanoes that deserve to be a tourist attraction. There are five active volcanoes in the country: Pos, Rincn de la Vieja, Iraz, Tenorio and Turrialba. In addition there are 200 amazing volcanic mountain formations. Suitable for hiking or camping.

5.Friendly people
The people of Costa Rica are notoriously friendly. Foreign tourists who visit this country will be greeted with a warm smile. Costa Rica is also among the safest countries in the world, you know. The locals have Pura Vida motto which means to live life honestly and pure.

That's five reasons why you should visit Costa Rica, at least once in a lifetime. [tsr]

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