5 Reasons Why Today Must Have Writing. Because Writing Is Helpful

5 Reasons Why Today Must Have Writing. Because Writing Is Helpful

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Actually we unwittingly always write. How baseball every post, must think the content of the right caption to describe our photos. Is not that right? Today gini who does not have social media like instagram.

Calm .. talent is not a major factor to be able to write. If talented but ga interest is also the same right? The important thing is the willingness to learn and hone our ability in writing.

What kind of what is there in the thumb read: mobile phone allows us to learn anything and increase our capacity as a useful individual nah stay find our motivation why do we have to write? Perhaps the reasons below may be your inspiration:


Since there are social media, many are competing to make or show identity as a person. Could by the way exist read: artist / seleb, traveler, video / photographer, worker, writer, blogger and many more. Well apakabar with emak emak who decided to work in the domestic?

Now by writing and improving our ability, we automatically learn to work as a writer. so nobody else tuh my predicate mah just ordinary housewife. Also with an automatic branding confidence will add. Mothers who are confident will be more optimal to build a more productive life.


Writing can be a therapy so you can stay sane about the day-to-day drama. Why? Because according to a study conducted by the University of Maryland School of Medicine, found the fact that women are very verbal beings, the average woman speaks as much as 20,000 words a day, while men only 7000 words per day.

Now by writing is one of our containers in expressing feelings in a positive and useful way. By writing we mean we are communicating with ourselves. Trying to get to know and understand yourself and learn deeply about something we are writing.


fortunately we are emak emak who often forgot * except the date of salary: p write can be a means of memory documentation of our lives. At least to read for yourself as a means of self-reflection what has been done and the achievement of what you want done.4. SHARING EXPERIENCE

it is happy that we can learn from other people's lives, and vice versa, just as happily when we benefit others. Writing down day-to-day experiences that may be ordinary for us, can be amazing for others.

As a photographer who writes tips on how to take good photos will be very useful for new readers will start learning the photos.


well this ya ya make emak-emak a lot of glance is not impossible to write make money. Especially nowadays many authors of books derived from the content of their blog. Example dr. metahanindita which publishes several children's health books that the material is taken from the contents of his blog posts. But this needs commitment and consistency yes.

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