5 Role Model For You Who Want To Be A Successful Entrepreneur but Minim Capital

5 Role Model For You Who Want To Be A Successful Entrepreneur but Minim Capital

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Many of us are claiming to be successful entrepreneurs in the future. Some of them have begun to work out business ideas or discuss their business plans with friends and family. But not a few of the steps just stalled in the paper streaks full of spirit that long forgotten.

It is true that being a successful entrepreneur requires capital. But capital is not just about money, guys. Skill, networking, marketing strategies, and a healthy physical is actually the best capital God has given us. So, whatever money you have actually will be enough-just as long as you can be smart to set it up. Well, let your dreams become successful entrepreneurs quickly accomplished. Here are five entrepreneur-inspired success figures you deserve as a role model:

1. Enough with 1 million, now Fenny Angela can reap a turnover of 40 millions from the jewelry business

Still 23 years old but its turnover already tens of millions. How about you? 🙂 via http://news.indotrading.com

Young, beautiful, and successful are the three words that can represent a Fenny Angela. Girl born in Surabaya, October 14, 1993 This has long been interested in the field of fashion industry. During college, he has started to learn about the design of jewelry self-taught. In 2011, Fenny Angela began to confidently launch his own brand called Aeroculata.

He started his business with a capital of 1 million only. Capital is then used to create a website and take care of operational activities. Thanks to his hard work, more and more jewelry products are known. Now, even homemade products can be exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, and the United States.

Well, for you who are still students, do not just go home college home course. Learn new things that may be useful for your future. Who knows, your business idea can also come from there. If you already work as an employee also do not get caught in the comfort zone, try to follow the passion that you believe. Who knows could be a promising business. Who knows can bring millions of money right?

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