5 Scenarios of World Destruction in Fairly Logical Films. Ngeri Sih If Really Happen

5 Scenarios of

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One word that scares anyone who hears it. When talking about the end of the world, your imagination becomes wild. The earth is devastated, humans are running for no purpose until the number of deaths around you. Serem? Clear!

Talk about the destruction of the world, there are some films that use the theme of doom as the setting. The films make the audience imagine the horror of doom that has never been thought of before. Although sometimes there is less acceptable common sense, but in fact many also lho that makes sense if described using scientific theories. Here Hipwee has summarized 5 scenarios of world destruction in films that are quite logical and could indeed indeed be happening in the future. Come on, see!

1. Meteor or asteroid hit the earth as told in the film Armageddon in 1998 ago it was very likely to happen lho

The phenomenon of an asteroid hit the earth is not only in the film Armageddon. 66 million years ago, there was a 10-km asteroid crashing into the earth. The researchers say that this asteroid caused the ice age to end and destroyed most of the species at the time, including dinosaurs.

While in space there are still asteroids and meteors scattered, there is always the possibility of it happening again. Even NASA predicts there will be an asteroid named Apophis with a width of about 390 meters, crashing into the earth in 2036. This object is said to release atomic energy bombs that are 1000 times more powerful than Hiroshima bombs. As a result, thousands of square kilometers of earth's territory will be destroyed. Horrified yes!

2. Climate change that caused such a big disaster in the film The Day After Tomorrow is also quite logically explained through scientific theory

Actually do not need a complicated explanation of scientific theories also we the ordinary people would be able to understand, if climate change can lead to major disasters such as floods. This can happen because of rising sea levels, waves, and changes in rain patterns. Not only that, the climate is erratic can also make the dry season longer. As a result drought disaster hit various parts of the world. Moreover, the more aging the earth, the less we care less. If you do not do something, maybe just a matter of time the movie The Day After Tomorrow happened.

3. Genetic engineering that makes humans able to create replica creatures, as in Blade Runner, this is also not impossible

In 1982 the Blade Runner movie starring Harrison Ford tells the story of a world of chaos, one of them is due to human genetic engineering. Replication, an artificial human who possesses a human-level intelligence but a superior superior physical ability is said to have created a chaos in human life. Artificial humans who should be able to benefit, turned to defect and fight for the interests of the Replicans themselves. As a result this artificial intelligent species is actually threatening the existence of man himself.

Now we already have AI ya, cloning technology has also started to develop. So the shadow of fear about AI and Replication that might rebel against humans has been ranted from now on. Even Ellon Musk the founder of TESLA just warned that this AI is very likely to threaten humans. Well loh! How to try if this AI suddenly revolted like this Blade Runner movie story? Danger!Speaking of Blade Runner movie, precisely today on October 6, 2017 the sequel that is Blade Runner 2049 has started airing in the cinema. Taking the setting in 2049, the movie starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford is also taking on the issue of human destruction. How about their adventures both in the latest sequel Blade Runner 2049 this? Check first the trailer below.

4. Do not forget about health problems. The deadly virus told in the Contagion film could also just infect human life

In the movie starring Marion Cotillard and Matt Damon is told about the inhabitants of a city that contracted a deadly virus. The cause is unknown. One by one the population died from the contagious virus.

Some people may not believe that there will be a similar virus in the real world. Though the incident could be a fact, given the growing technology, make the virus or bacteria that cause disease also mutate. In fact already many examples that happen, such as the outbreak of mers virus, zika, or influenza A that has been a lot of casualties. Especially when the world of health is facing difficulties because many antibiotics that have not worked. We must be vigilant!

5. Who says zombie attacks like in the Train To Busan movie are unlikely to happen? A scientist even claimed to be able to make a human zombie through the explanation of his theory!

Seeing zombie characters in movies does not look like they're real in the real world? But a scientist named Steven C. Schlozman has a scientific explanation about zombies. Basically this zombie can be said as the undead. This is because they remain animate but the system in his brain is damaged. According to Schlozman, the thing that damages the brain is named prion. Prions are a protein particle that can transmit disease. In 1990, the prion was widely known for being accused of causing an outbreak of mad cow.

Similar to that condition, if prions enter the human body, the brain part will be hollow like a sponge! To create a zombie, simply put a prion into a virus that can spread quickly in the human body. Just imagine that one day there will be a secret project to turn people into zombies. Hiiii ..

Yes his name is also doomsday, no scenarios that better. Want it was hit by a meteor, humans destroyed virus or AI rebelled, all equally too horrific to imagine. But there is good lho we watch the end of this kind of world-themed movie. Can be for introspection, because in fact the scenario in the film must have undergone a long research. So it's not impossible for events.

Eh but for you who love sci-fi movies like above, you must watch the Blade Runner 2049! In addition to the story which is a continuation of 30 years after the Blade Runner event that released 1982 ago, actor Blade Runner 2049 is cute! There is Harrison Ford who remains kece despite being old, and also Ryan Gosling the charming!

Let's get the plan to the movies right away!

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