5 Simple Things It’s Electric Bills Anti Swelling

5 Simple Things It's Electric Bills Anti Swelling

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta Human activities never loose with electronic goods, various needs ranging from entertainment, work affairs, to activities at home is not separated by the goods that require electrical power.

Because of the practicality and also the omission in its use not infrequently the tools are turned on outside needs, call it non-stop air conditioning, forget to turn off the TV, water machine, and let the lights burn continuously without realizing the bill was swollen and must often charge the electrical token for the pre paid electric user.

There are actually some practical ways to save on your electricity bills. Anything? Follow these tips.

Determine power requirements

Before determining the power of electricians try to think carefully how much power you need. PLN assigned 17 groups of basic electricity tariffs and special for households divided into three tariffs, namely R1, R2, and R3. The tariff class determines the cost of usage and the cost of the load, which is the cost to be paid each month for every 1,000 watts of electricity attached.

Avoid wasteful electrical habits

Try to remember the habits that you often do when using electricity? If you already remember try deh change the habit. From now on do not let the lights go on, turn off entertainment devices like DVD, TV, tape radio, PC when not in use and forget to unplug the cord from the outlet.

Design a house that supports energy saving

Energy-efficient home in question is a home design that supports for energy-efficient one way is to build a house that has many openings or windows. It allows you to make savings because there is no need to use air conditioners or lights.

Meticulously choose electrical furniture

Choose a smaller, less powerful electronic device so you can save more. Rice cooker, washing machine, air conditioner or air conditioner, and other furniture, choose the appropriate power supply at home. Hmmm, if you want more frugality you can outsmart by using electrical furniture as necessary. If you can still wash by hand you do not need to use a washing machine, right?Install the power saver

Have you ever experienced a downed / downed down / downed power supply / MCB switch? Though you have calculated the amount of all power / watt electrical equipment that is being used does not exceed the capacity of your home power. That's because the equipment that uses electricity in general (if without a capacitor) uses a wattage power (pseudo power) is greater than the actual wattage power.

The working principle of electricity saver functioned to equate the wattage used by electric appliances into the actual number of watts so that electricity consumption is maintained. This tool can now be found in the Tokopedia online mall, there are many choices of power saver devices from various seller with the choice of price and type according to the power used.


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