5 Sophisticated Discoveries that the United States has

5 Sophisticated Discoveries that the United States has

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The United States is known as superpower, super power, or any term that can describe how advanced and superior this country compared to other countries in the world. Excellence Uncle Sam's country certainly included in terms of technology.

However, it turns out many suspicions about technology in the United States. With all its advantages, many suspect this Canadian neighbor is hiding the sophisticated objects that have been created. Is it true? Based on what Jaka can, it can be said to be true.

The proof? The objects below can be real examples. Here's Jaka review five sophisticated inventions that are kept secret by the United States.


1. Free Electricity Tower

Given the increasingly expensive world electricity rates every time, imagine if we have a tower that can supply electricity to us for free? Of course it's almost everyone's dream, is not it?

United States suspected already have it. A tower named Wardenclyffe Tower. A power plant that can provide electricity from a power plant that he says runs out! Although scientifically, the existing electricity can be exhausted, but it will happen in a very long time.

2. Teleforce

Do you like to lure others with lasers that have super-reflective power? It must be fun. Apparently, the United States is and has developed a laser as a deadly weapon called Death Ray or Laser Beam.

In fact, the power of these lasers can kill humans and destroy heavy objects in a single reflection of light. How it works is actually quite simple, like a mirror that focuses light in a single point, then reflects it to a target or goal.

3. UFOUFOs are things that have always been the talk of many people. Related to the true or not its existence of this one object. Instead of being considered an alien plane, Nickola Tesla is actually working on a project called The Flying Saucer, which makes a new transport similar to UFOs.

Remarkably, this vehicle will use free electricity that can be connected without a cable connection here and there. With electric fuel, this vehicle is projected capable of flying at an altitude of 100 meters above ground level and speed of 100 km / hour.

4. Aero-Jet Machine

Again inspired by a Nikola Tesla, the United States then perfected a new transportation project that can go super fast with a speed of 500 km / hour. The speed certainly surpasses the super-fast train made by Japan.

Remarkably, Aero-Jet Machine can be ridden unmanned alias similar to the way drone operation. Imagine this type of vehicle available in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia as public transportation, surely many people will be very helpful.

5. Tele-Geodynamic

Ever heard of a weather controller? It just seems to be in some anime series like One Piece or Avatar. Apparently, the United States suspected of hiding a sophisticated object that can control and manage the weather you know.

Again, it started from a Nikola Tesla, there was a tool called Oscillator. Even in addition to controlling the weather, this tool is rumored to be able to turn off electricity and car engines in a certain area is quite extensive.

The final word

That's five sophisticated inventions secretly kept by the United States from other countries. Do you agree if the above sophisticated objects are hidden? Or perhaps the Americans are afraid that the objects are misused if they are disseminated? Share your thoughts in the comments field.

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