5 Stretching Game It Got the End of a Very Sad Story, Watch Out!

5 Stretching Game It Got the End of a Very Sad Story, Watch Out!

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There are some games that are not concerned with the storyline and there is also a game that is concerned with a storyline. Usually a game that has an interesting storyline is an adventure-themed game. Not infrequently we also meet the game with the end of a sad story that makes us seem to come to their world.

Lots of game ending stories and various stories, ranging from romantic, happy, to sad and touching stories. I'm so sad that you will be brought to their world and also feel sad. Yes, it's a bit more lebay hell, but this has proven to be felt a lot of gamers really. Well, for example, here's Jaka will discuss the games with the start of a tense story, but end up with sadness. Check it out!

5 Stretching Games With The End of a Very Sad Story

1. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is the latest game that is now well known to gamers, because overall this game is very good both in terms of graphics. Gameplay that was delivered also honestly can be said very good! In this game you will run a character named John Marston.

This game tells about John Marston who adventure as a cowboy. Action shoot certainly will not be left in this game. Initially tense, but the end of the story is very sad, because the character died as betrayed by his own group.

Who would have thought that a John Marston classmate might also lose? Yes, in fact not all the whiz have good luck. But John Marston's death was met by his son Jack Marston. Not accepting of his father's death, he was very angry and finished all those who had killed his father.

2. Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is the same, which managed to make the players come to tears. Ending this game is very sad, tells the story of the struggle of character Wander kills a powerful giant to unlock the mystery that has been given by Dormin with the aim to revive a child named Mono.

By the time the mission is complete, even the character is betrayed by Dormin. In the end there was a thing, and made him an evil and cruel demon. There is no choice because he has become a demon. Apparently his struggle was not appreciated, but still Wander is a very meritorious character. He is willing to fall ill for the sake of a child.

3. The Walking Dead Season One AndroidThe Walking Dead Season One initially tells the story of a character named Lee, he is a prisoner who was being taken by the police and wanted to be imprisoned, but in the middle of the road had an accident eventually lost in a forest that was inhabited by thousands of zombies. After that he meets a little girl named Clementine.

After she got acquainted, Clementine told herself that she had lived on her own because her parents had been killed by zombies. Because Lee did not have the heart, in the end he invited him to find a way out together. As time goes by, it seems that they can not find their way back and instead it is getting to the zombie area.

Every day they are always dealing with zombies, until Clementine is getting into adulthood, he still lives with fear every day. In the final stage of The Walking Dead Season One after Lee and Clementine survived thousands of zombies in front of the building, Clementine eventually lost his beloved Lee.

Lee was hit by a zombie bite on the way to the final stage and died on the final stage of The Walking Dead Season One, because their bites are contagious and there is no cure for the disease that eventually Lee resigns, and when he almost becomes a zombie, Clementine to shoot his head to death. If you are crybaby, I think it would be a lot of fun when playing this game.

4. Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons

Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons tells of an adventurous brother who runs various tense missions. In the final mission of this game the two characters meet a woman who seems to want to help her to a place to save their ill father.

At the time of adventure, they both really believe in the woman because there are times when he helped both characters. But unfortunately, it turns out the woman is a traitor who actually has a purpose to kill the character.

They did not think that the woman was a spider manifest. In the end, the brother named Naia died killing him. The sister is very sad and not willing to leave her brother. How come so sad?

5. Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X is a Final Fantasy series that features a very strong romantic story. But beyond that there is also a tension like the story of the kingdom that is having problems. Interwoven romance between Tidus and Yuna in this game actually ended up with sadness.

Tidus is described as a character created from a dream aka unreal, but managed to make the character Yuna smile again and fall in love with Tidus who is the main character. Various things they have experienced both, hard and happy they live together.Their separation is very sad! Starting at the time Yuna killed the monsters, this resulted in their love story both vanished. Because Yuna does not know that killing an enemy named Yu Yevon will cause the Fayth to stop dreaming, and this will also cause Tidus to disappear forever. Greget really deh the story, but why do ya have to end up like this?

Well, that's 5 games at the beginning but sad tense at the end of the story. What do you think? Seeing Jaka's review on top of aja already impressive touched ya, especially if you playin, would be more deh deh.

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