5 The Best Linux Distros With Beautiful and Easy to Use Use

5 The Best Linux Distros With Beautiful and Easy to Use Use

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What is a Linux distribution? Linux distributions or commonly referred to as Linux distros are computer operating systems and applications that use the Linux kernel. You may have often thought that Linux is hard to use and only people from "geek" can use it.

What you think about Linux is not entirely true. Long ago, at the beginning of its emergence, Linux was quite difficult to use. Only people who understand IT are using it. However, along with the development of Linux continues to progress. As well as the following 5 Linux distributions that have a look that is not less interesting with Windows and Mac OS.

5 The Best Linux Distros With Beautiful and Easy to Use Use

Today, many of the best Linux distributions offer convenience in everything from the installation process to the use, so it can be said as a Linux distro for beginners. In addition to convenience, many Linux distros also offer a beautiful view that will make you feel at home for long using the computer.

Well, for that, the following Jaka summarizes 5 best Linux distro with a beautiful and elegant look that you must try.

1. Elementary OS

Linux distro is a Linux distro for beginners with a simple look, but still elegant and beautiful. Elementary OS comes with a specially developed Desktop Environment (Pantheon).

This Linux distro developer, Daniel Fore, was originally happy to create mockups and themes for Ubuntu. Due to the popularity of mockups and artificial themes, finally Daniel Fore took the initiative to develop his own Linux distro.

Those of you who have or have used a Mac may be a bit familiar with the Elementary OS look. Want to try this best Linux distro?

2. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the largest and most widely used Linux distributions today. No wonder, because Ubuntu is funded directly by a large company called Canonical. Ubuntu uses its own Desktop Environment, Unity.Due to its popularity, Ubuntu is also developing its mobile version OS, Ubuntu Mobile running on smartphone and tablet devices. Ubuntu regularly gets system updates every 6 months for standard versions, and 2 years for LTS or Long Term Support versions. Oh yes, this Ubuntu can be obtained for free loh.

3. KDE Neon

The best Linux distributions on this one are still based on Ubuntu, but using a different Desktop Environment, the KDE Plasma. You are familiar with the Windows operating system may not be too difficult to use KDE Neon, because it looks a little similar to Windows.

Excess KDE Neon is the number of applications that are ready for use, including Koffice for the purposes of typing documents, Krita for digital drawing, as well as other applications such as games and utilities.

4. Linux Mint

Linux Mint is said to be a lot of people is a Linux distro for beginners most user friendly (user friendly) because of the ease in using it. Therefore, many Linux users recommend Linux Mint for beginners.

Another advantage of Linux Mint is from a variety of variants. Linux Mint is available in 4 "flavors" each distinguished by its Desktop Environment, ie Mate, Cinnamon, KDE, and Xfce.

If your laptop has a mediocre spek, then the Xfce variant suits you. If you have a laptop with a decent spec and want an attractive experience, you can try the Cinnamon variant.

5. Solus OS

Unlike Elementary OS or Linux Mint, you who are used to using Windows or Mac OS may be a bit confused when using Solus. Solus uses its own specially developed Budgie Desktop Environment.

The appearance and interface are simple. Different layouts with other Linux distros make this Linux distro unique.Well, that's a Linux distro you can consider to choose from. What do you think? It turns out Linux is not as difficult as you think is it? Good luck yes. Do not forget to share your experience after trying!

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