5 The impact of the American economy if Donald Trump is elected president

5 The impact of the American economy if Donald Trump is elected president

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US Presidential Candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, triumphed in the party's internal elections simultaneously yesterday, often dubbed Super Tuesday. Thus, the odds of both politicians representing Democrats and Republicans fighting for seats in the White House, are getting bigger.

Channel News Asia reported Wednesday that Clinton was reported to have won internal party elections in the states of Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas and Georgia. Hillary only won thin over her opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, in Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

Similarly, Trump, who won almost all 12 states. The billionaire thanked his loyal supporters through his Twitter account.

Super Tuesday is a series of internal elections that determine the success of a candidate forward in the US presidential election. There are thousands of delegates that can be obtained from the caucus and primary held simultaneously. The Democrat Party requires presidential candidates to grab a 2,382 nominee of cadre so that someone can become a prime candidate. The Republican Party required 1,237 delegates.

So far Trump has pocketed 221 delegate support from Super Tuesday, leaving his closest competitor Senator Ted Cruz (69) and Marco Rubio (41). While Hillary has earned 883 nominations, it has left Sanders with only 232 support from Democratic cadre delegates.

The trumping of Trump became a separate phenomenon, which was not even understood by the Republican officials. The casino and tajir businessman was disliked even by fellow Republican candidates, in fact Trump continued to advance in internal elections.

If Donald Trump was elected president of the United States what would happen to the economy of the superpower? This question is often discussed by a number of figures in several meetings.

The American economy becomes crucial because it determines the conditions of the world economy. Indonesia must also be prepared with all possibilities.

Here merdeka.com will summarize a number of possibilities that will occur in the American economy if Donald Trump became elected president, as reported by The Street.

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