5 The Weird Sex Rule in America, in Indonesia There Is No Yes

5 The Weird Sex Rule in America, in Indonesia There Is No Yes

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Vemale.com – Did you know that America also has some strange rules about sex. A number of these rules may exist that are no longer valid there, but these rules can still be remembered. What are the five strange rules about sex in America? Check the information quoted from womansday.com below.

Sex is prohibited with lights on
In Virginia, there are rules that prohibit couples to connect with lights on. This state also only allows couples to have sex with missionary positions. And even more strange there is a ban to tickle couples during sex. Hmm, if there is a prohibition and the violating actors are treated, how does the enforcer officer caught him?

Do not Make Love at Supermarkets
Shopping for food or working in a market in Newcastle, WY, a small town on the South Dakota border can make a person feel very excited and want to make love. Until finally a rule is made that forbids anyone to make love in the supermarket, especially in the hall of frozen meat.

Can Sex Connect with Animals?
In Washington State, there is a rule (whether valid or not) that having sex with an animal weighing less than 40 pounds is considered legal. In other words, having sex with animals over 20 kg is considered illegal. This rule is really weird anyway?

Can not Jump "Rip Off" The Loving Couple In The Car
In Coeur dAlene, there is a rule on how to raid or catch a couple who make love in the car. In order not to make the raided couples feel embarrassed, the police are required to do these things when will raided the couple who make love in the car. The trick is that the policeman must stop his vehicle behind the couple's "busy" car, then honk the horn three times, wait for two minutes, just investigate.

Punishment for a Beloved Woman in Ambulance
In Tronton, UT, having sex while in an ambulance to get to the hospital will make the woman exposed to a mild punishment. Strangely, the man is not even penalized anything.

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