5 Things That Can Make Your Room Not Just A Bed, But Can Also Be A Booster Mood!

5 Things That Can Make Your Room Not Just A Bed, But Can Also Be A Booster Mood!

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Room, usually called it, the room where you sleep, study, even play the game. Most of us organize unstructured rooms, seem more like labs with lots of messy documents here and there, things lying everywhere and so on. The main reason for this is because it is lazy, and has activity with a solid sechedule.

According to my personal opinion, with such room conditions will lower the spirit, mentality, may even be a moodbreaker for you, especially you students. For example like this, lecturers give you many tasks, eh coincidence book references scattered must nyari, there are problems again printer crash, and so on.

These things could be the result of our lack of memenejemen our private room, or what you usually call a room. Let's read some factors that can make your room atmosphere as a bo0ster mood.

1. Spatial arrangement is simply efficient.

Judging from the architectural aesthetics, a room with a placement that simply and eficient provide space available more freely in terms of space, and again visually your room will be more visible relief. Besides with the concept of Efficient you learn how to group the goods as it should be so that when we need we will find it easier.

That way automatically your moodboster will rise. Because like we are badmood, then see our room is neat, clean, surely you as if you are enjoying the house so that it can relax the mind.

This has been widely adopted in japan, korea, and european countries especially for those who live in double decks or apartments.

"Because with the impression of clean and not chaotic then the brain will be more easily relaxed, because not much something that admires the view and automatic mind"

2. Lighting the room nicely and EcoSaver.

Lighting or can be interpreted lighting, in this case room lighting is one of the main factors that make a room comfortable and feasible or not. Have you ever entered a room with only a small window, or a low light, let alone the dimly lit room lights? Surely will give the impression of crowded.

Therefore lighting should be optimized to natural light, in addition to the room will feel warm, large window openings will make you feel terkonecting with the outside world. Then for the night, surely we also always need light in the room, right? Sometimes you are confused right nentuin apasih lamps let your room coozy?The need for light in an ordinary room room is 10 Watt / m2 if your room is 3×3 m or = 9 m2, then ideally your room needs 90w for lighting. But when we use the power lights just say 40-45 watts that is bright enough.

Light is not enough to improve the mood booster, the light will be more artistic when it radiates indirectly. For example you may have been in the airport lobby, or hotel, cinema, etc., you do not see many lights that directly leads down. If you observe the lights are not visible, but the effect of light bias that comes out from behind the drop ceiling it.

Well that's what is meant indirect light, so "the impression is more wise if the people of Java say, or romantic if young people say". Also use energy-saving lamps, maybe a little more expensive, but at least your electricity bill could be reduced by about 1-7% due to energy saver.

Usually the lights LED technology is also easy to apply, as well as create a futuristic impression. You will be comfortable there. Anyone already have lighting in your room like this? You are one of the lucky ones!

3. Processing Facade wall room.

The wall of the room is also a medium big enough, which is rarely noticed, many of you are just decorate it with a poster ball, idol artist image, or even sexy girl pictures if guys, if girls are Korean boyband pictures and such. Loss!

Your walls will feel very random. And again most of your room walls will only use one color. Try deh combine the color, look for colors that fresh and fresh, it can be a moodboster you know.

If you have a lot of money can be in love wall sticker, or wallpaper so you guys will feel comfortable there. The walls can make an appreciation of the environment you like or want.

4. Applying Cable Management.

Many of us do not understand the importance of a cable management. Especially if in your room a lot of electronic goods, waduh definitely wired cable ngak karuan position. Besides complicated .. you guys again ngerjain task / worried and then clay such cables will definitely feel more dizzy.

Try to use Cabletray or cable ties, as much as possible make a special path, and neatly closed. So you look at it too well.Then for Electrical installation such as Socket, Antenna jack, LAN jack, etc as much as possible it is all embedded in the wall, and use the standard SNI cable to make you safer.

5. Manage the room as one of your entertainers.

What I mean here is how to organize your entertainments. For example, your computer speakers settings in such a way that sounds so good that it's like your room is a theater. It could also be for you who watch movies Hobby, use Tv that can be applied to the wall, so as not to reduce the empty space in the room.

Or maybe you like a collection of objects or something, use floating shelves to accommodate them. In addition to feel lighter the object also does not require much space. In addition to the relationship with the previous points, try to apply the latest technology in your room, especially wireles connection and gadget integration so as to minimize cable bersliweran.

Maybe just a few things that I can share for my friends, hopefully can inspire, and useful for you.

Try to make your room neat and comfortable, because that's where you spend most of your life.

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