5 Things That Must Be Sterilized When There Is a Sick Family

5 Things That Must Be Sterilized When There Is a Sick Family

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Vemale.com – Mom, the spread of fever and flu viruses is very easy to happen to one person to another. Especially if you are in the same neighborhood, same house. Fever and flu viruses are subtle, but they are very susceptible to infections, especially in children.

Usually, if there are family members who are sick, parents will soon clean up the items that potentially bring germs spread of the virus. For example, clothing, towels and cutlery. But is that enough?

Apparently, there are objects around the house that need to be sterilized also if any family members are sick. These objects may often be used, but it is often forgotten that they become potential diseases of potential germs.

Phone and smartphone

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80 percent of germs are in phones and smartphones that come into contact with the skin. Worse, germs can survive in this object up to several days you know. Eeeyyuh!

Remote Control

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Remote TV and remote AC are two things that are often held and rarely cleaned. If a sick family member sneezes or coughs, then holds both these objects, then surely germs will move directly.


Photo: copyright pexels.comMost of the washbasins and toilets contain germs left by people with flu and fever. Prepare your own hand-washing towel for them, Mom.


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Almost the same as phones and smartphones, people with flu and fever often touch the laptop or PC keyboard after sneezing and coughing. It's a big no no!

Blankets and Towels

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Both of these objects come into direct contact with the body of flu and fever. Not possible also, sweat and other body fluids attached to the blankets and towels.

Cleaning everything in the house is not easy. The easiest way you can do is to make a simple disinfectant mixture of alcohol and mineral water. Spray this herb on items that are exposed to direct contact with people with flu and fever.

The important thing is to keep the health of the smallest scale that is diligent hand washing yes, Mom. Hopefully this information is useful for Mom and family.

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