5 Things We Need to Know about Renewable Energy

5 Things We Need to Know about Renewable Energy

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Lately we must often hear about renewable energy. Actually what is renewable energy? Is renewable energy the same as solar energy? Well, so you do not wonder, here are 5 things we need to know about renewable energy.

1. What is renewable energy?

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So far, humans use more non-renewable energy or often also called fossil energy. Fossil energy is formed over millions of years and can not be made by humans. Some examples are petroleum and coal. As time passes, non-renewable energy supply on earth is getting thinner. Therefore, people began to make a breakthrough that is using renewable energy.

Type of renewable energy itself there are many ranging from sunlight, water, to the wind. All of this energy is abundant, environmentally friendly, and can be used as much as it can not run out. Well, one of the most widely used renewable energy in the world is solar energy.

2. Why solar energy?

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Solar energy has been used by millions of people in the world. One of the main reasons is that solar energy does not pollute either sound, carbon emissions, or air pollution. So, solar energy is very good to use because it is environmentally friendly and can not run out.

3. How to use solar energy?

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How to use solar energy is by installing a solar panel or often referred to as a photovoltaic panet. Sunlight contains particles called photons. When the photon is absorbed by the solar panel, some particles on the panel will move freely.Well, the movement of these particles that generate electrical energy. This electrical energy can be directly used for various objects or stored in the battery. If stored in the battery, then this solar energy can even be used at night when the sun is not there

4. Can be used for any solar energy?

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Solar energy can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from the smallest such as a calculator or power bank to the largest such as electric cars or airplanes. The use of solar panels in the community is also very possible for example for street lights, water pumps in villages that do not have access to conventional electricity, and so on.

5. Why not many people are using solar energy?

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In developed countries, solar panels are already used in various industrial sectors. Every year the use of solar panels also has made the developed countries can save expenses in the field of energy procurement. Unfortunately, in developing countries the use of solar energy is still not optimal.

One of the obstacles is the widespread ignorance of how good and profitable this renewable energy is.

If everyone knows that solar energy is environmentally friendly and so profitable, surely we can immediately abandon fossil energy and move on to renewable energy!

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