5 Things You Must Pay Careful When Choosing a Major and Higher Education

5 Things You Must Pay Careful When Choosing a Major and Higher Education

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National Exam is not the end of the struggle for high school students, because the National Exam is only the beginning of a bigger battle that is competition to get a lecture bench in the desired place. Various preparations were made by the students to face this battle. There is a bimbel to jump to another island that has more complete facilities, but there are also only learn alone at home with capitalize books and records for three years in high school.

But on the other hand when some students have tried desperately to reach the target, some students are still confused and upset in choosing the department or college. And some students are still confused which is more important between JURUSAN or UNIVERSITY. Well, here are tips on how to choose the right majors and college and you will not regret later!

1. Prioritize to choose majors rather than universities, because the majors are concerned with the science you want to gain and also the prospects of the future.

Departments are more important because later on you will learn a science based on interests and passion, not based on the college you choose although maybe the college you choose will also have an effect on the learning system. No matter where you go to college, as long as you do choose according to the passion, you will not regret your choice.

This lecture problem is not just a matter of three or four years, but it's a matter of four years of college and the rest of our lives after that. It's true that not everyone ends up working and living the rest of their lives after the lectures according to their majors in college, but is not it wasted after four years of tired college we end up wearing only his diploma without his knowledge?

2. Be honest with yourself and listen to your heart's voice over the choice of majors you want. Do not choose majors only because of coercion and co-op.

Voice is an important thing in choosing, because it is the voice of heart that speaks what you really want. Many cases of people who choose majors simply because of the follow-up of others and sometimes some choose because of coercion parents.

Come on, the person who will be studying this is you for this you have to cover your ears and make your choice. Parents problems, you can not simply ignore their opinions but if you are already convinced of your choice, then you should be willing to fight for and convince your parents to give you the blessing of your choice.

When you can convince your parents that the course you choose is the one you really want and the best for you, then your parents' hearts will melt and they will give you their blessing. After that, promise to prove to them that you are not wrong select and will not squander the trust that has been given by parents.

3. Make the best use of the internet to explore information about various majors. Do not just pegged to the majors that are on the rise only.

Diligent-rajinlah googling, because mbah google know more than mbah shaman in your village. Not that you have to stick around and submit it all to google, but essentially you have to be diligent in looking for information about the world of lectures.Until now most people like to get caught up in the rising majors and who always get the predicate of popular majors, such as medicine, engineering, law, or economics. While today many other majors also have promising opportunities for the future and may be in accordance with your passion.

You may not be familiar with majors such as sharia economy, library science, forestry, or tourism science, and other majors that have not been excellent. Though the majors that have not been widely known is currently quite promising for the future. And maybe there are many other majors that you may not know and have a bright prospect for the future.

If you already have your own choice, then make sure first whether the department is what you want. Not a few people who choose a course just by name alone, without trying to find out more deeply about something that majors and what is learned there.

Many people are fooled and startled when entering the world of lectures and it turns out what they learned does not match what they imagined before and not a few of them finally decided to change their majors by repeating the tests again for the next year. So make sure to learn from those mistakes. Try this time to begin to recognize the department you want in more depth.

4. The department you are interested in is your pocket, then it's time to choose a college that has a good track record for those majors!

Well, after you are steady with your majors, then try to find information about the best college for the majors. This can be done by googling or applying to your seniors who have already lived life as a student.

In addition to the educational system problems in college, do not forget also to seek information or ask about how life or the environment in the area where the high school. Because the environment and atmosphere will affect your comfort while living as a student there. When you are comfortable with an environment then it will also help to be comfortable in learning.

5. Do not forget and careless to diligently measure your ability so you can pass the selection of college entrance later!

Once you have chosen the majors and colleges that you consider to be the majors and the college that you really are, and have been steady with your choice then make sure first whether you can get away with it or not. It does not mean to break your spirits before struggling, but you also have to think ahead and be realistic. When you've chosen the department that you think is already really fit with you, but it will be a good test later.

Therefore, your struggle not only to choose and establish the choice, but also must be willing to do the best you can, one of them by diligently measuring ability by following the try out (TO). Through TO you can see the picture to where your ability. If you feel your current ability is still far from what is needed to achieve your goals, then keep trying harder.

The point is you have to start to recognize yourself, the majors, or the Higher Education. When you are sure and really familiar with what you want then start trying to achieve it. Do not forget to intend your efforts with prayer, for truly God is the most powerful for all things. Do not make your efforts in vain by not really trying.Do not let the future later you regret today when you wasted your time but make the future will be yourself will remember the beauty of your struggle in the past.

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