5 Things You Need to Know About Diphtheria

5 Things You Need to Know About Diphtheria

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Since the appearance of diphtheria in November 2017, the Ministry of Health established the outbreak as an outbreak occurring throughout Indonesia. Data from the Ministry of Health noted that 95 districts and cities in 20 provinces have reported the case. 32 cases diantarnya death.

Diphtheria belongs to the type of disease re-emerging disease is a term for the old disease that reappears and plague. According Soedjatmiko, the appearance of diphtheria caused by incomplete DPT vaccine given to children when aged 2 months-6 years.

Epidemics that continue to increase the number of cases make the public should be more alert and understand the characteristics of diphtheria disease, the extent of the danger level and its impact on the family. Below are 5 things to know about diphtheria

1. Immunize to break the chain

Diphtheria in the category of diseases that can be prevented by immunization, immunization is the most cost-effective form of prevention considering its effective function against the termination of the chain of disease. The people who live in the puskesmas and other faskets are required to get the service. Immunization required by the Ministry of Health to prevent the diphtheria outbreak is DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) given to children aged 2 months -6 years 3-5 times. 1 year DPT three times, until the age of 2 years 4 times DPT, until the age of 5 years if it can be 5 times DPT. Until the age of 6 years 6 times DPT, until the age of 7 years 7 times DPT, to complete primary school if it can already 8 times DPT. For age above 7 years, the name of the vaccine is not DPT, but Td, different vaccines but the important thing is its D component.

2. Agent disease and symptoms

Corynebacteriun Diphtheriae is a bacterium that infects the respiratory tract, especially the tonsils and nasopharynx. Racu produced by this bacteria will form a thin layer (membrane) is gray as a result of the death of healthy cells in the nose and throat. If not treated immediately, this layer will block the breathing and cause inflammation in the lungs.

Transmission through droplet coughing and sneezing, direct contact with the patient and inhaled air contaminated with bacteria. The symptoms of diphtheria are similar to flu symptoms: inflammation of the airways, white membranes and easily bleeding in the throat. Diphtheria also causes fever with a temperature range of 38C, pain when swallowing, sometimes accompanied by shortness of breath and pera sound. If you find such signs immediately to the faskes taped yes, because the true early diagnostic

3. Can attack adults

The discovery of cases of diphtheria in adults The Ministry of Health calls that the factors that affect the case are not complete the basic immunization given to them as a child. Adults over 40 years old can become vulnerable to this disease. In addition it is also mentioned that currently Indonesia does not have diphtheria immunization program for adults.

4. ORI (Outbreak Response Immunization)The provinces of Banten, DKI Jakarta and West Java are the provinces with the highest diphtheria cases. In Banten there are 63 cases with 9 deaths, DKI Jakarta has 22 cases, and West Java there are 123 cases with 13 deaths spread over 18 regencies / cities. most cases were in Purwakarta with 27 cases followed by karawang with 14 cases.

Based on the data, MOH will conduct an ORI (Outbreak Response Immunization) program for the above 3 provinces. ORI is a rapid response to the outbreak of diphtheria performed by immunization against immunization of DPT / DT / Td to all children aged 2 months. ORI is done with 3 rounds. The first round will be held on December 11, 2017, the second round 11 January 2017 and July 11, 2018. The place of execution of activities is in schools, Posyandu, Puskesmas, RS and other faskes.

5. Prevention

Diphtheria including infectious diseases, by checking and early self-examination of the family and family can reduce the severity of the dangers of diphtheria and its transmission. Cultivate a sense of self-care. The sooner the examination and prevention the more souls will be helped by our steps. So Yuk! Began to care about yourself, yes, do not wait until the pain first new treatment.

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