5 This Danger Dies You If the Live Video Streaming Frequency, Number 3 Seram Banget!

5 This Danger

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Bigo Live, Nono Live, Cliponyu, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live, some of the phenomenal streaming live platforms that are currently popular with people. As a live streaming host, you can increase your earnings and skill show, while you who watch the broadcast can add friendship connections, new idols, or useful info if broadcaster is educative and has positive reportage.

However, there are also many negative aspects that you need to understand if the frequency of live streaming, the goal to be more careful and can anticipate. What are the negative impacts? This time Jaka will discuss 5 dangers that mengincaruu you if you frequent live video streaming. Check it out!

1. Wasteful Data Package

The use of data quota for live video streaming is huge, in contrast to the use of online game data. Of course, the habit of accessing live broadcasting can make your money more extravagant, very contrast if data access is only used for browsing or social media. The solution, resist your desire to open live streaming video and access while on the WiFi network only.

2. Interrupted Privacy

Live video streaming, you must be prepared with your lost privacy. Millions of people will know what you are doing and can make people mean it can be easier to do the action. So, do live streaming in a safe place whose location is not easily known to people, yes!

3. Vulgar Approach

Although not all, but most hosts do activities and negative behavior while doing the broadcast for the sake of virtual gifts. For you who have grown, this is understandable, although still does not bring good impact. However, this vulgar approach is not worthy of being a minor spectacle.

4. Annoying Others

Many people broadcast in public places, whether restaurants, malls, or other public places. Public spaces are a place of everyone's so that you who broadcast live can annoy others if excessive. Well, always understand the circumstances in your environment during the broadcast, considering many people who do not like if the activities recorded and spread on the internet.

5. Health careWatching live streaming video activity means you should be staring at the smartphone screen. In fact, staring at the smartphone screen for hours can harm the health of the eyes, ranging from dry eyes to tense eyes that cause headaches. Better, reduce the intensity you watch live video streaming because health is affected.

That's the 5 hazards if you have live streaming video. Surely you can reduce if it applies wise when doing live video streaming. What do you think is a negative impact because of the frequency of live streaming? Share in comment field, yes!

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