5 Tips to Prevent Foot and Shoes from Dermatologist

5 Tips to Prevent Foot and Shoes from Dermatologist

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Vemale.com – Shoe odor must be a problem for everyone, not just the owner of the shoe, but also the people around who accept the stench. Well, do not let you be one who experienced it ya.

Dr. Dermatologist. Janet Prystowsky, reveals that the odor of shoes is usually caused by bacteria or fungi that grow in shoes and / or come from your feet. This smell comes from humid, stuffy conditions in shoes, often used and because of the sweat you produce.

"The best way to keep shoes smelly is to keep the shoes and foot clean," he advised.

1. Wind-aired shoes
"Often air your shoes and feet, because the bacteria and fungi love the dark, humid and stuffy conditions in the shoes that cause odors," said Dr. Prystowsky.

2. Give 'rest time'
Although so favorite shoes, it would be nice if not every day is worn. Give the time lag do not wear it about 1-2 days for dry shoes and air in the shoe to change with clean air. So make sure you have 2-3 pairs of shoes that are used interchangeably.

3. Eliminate odor with baking soda
Buy baking soda, not to make cookies, but eliminate the smell of shoes. Sprinkle baking soda to taste in the shoes after you wear them. Leave overnight. You can also sow it again tomorrow morning before you use it.

4. Clean feet
Keep your feet dry and clean while wearing shoes. Washing feet regularly, cutting nails and keeping the feet dry will greatly help prevent odors. If you do not want to smell quickly, wear socks.

5. Wash shoes once a week
Depending on usage, if every day you wear and your feet are easy to sweat, be sure to wash it once a week. If not so often, you can wash it 2-3 weeks.

That's how to keep shoes do not smell and tips to prevent shoes from odor. Actually very simple right?

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