5 Tips to realize an environmentally friendly wedding party

5 Tips to realize an environmentally friendly wedding party

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Not only heralded as a slogan, the invitation to keep the environment has penetrated the life of urban communities. The call for eco-friendly is now beginning to become a trend that is also applied to the concept of a wedding party.

If you include supporters of the anti-global warming movement and back to nature, the concept of marriage you must also go green, dong. Take a peek at what you can do to make it happen.

1. Recycling

One of the key to environmentally friendly is the recycling business, so do not hesitate to use the items that have been used for adjustment and re-use at your wedding.

2. The location is appropriate

Have a party at a wedding venue that cares about the preservation of historic sites. Locations like this usually use the rental costs for maintenance and preservation of historic buildings. In addition to museums and art galleries, there is no harm in trying the ancient fortress or cultural organization.

3. Bamboo Decorations

Avoid decorating from plants or woody trees that take a long time to grow. For example, teak wood that takes years to grow big. Instead, try switching to affordable and easy-to-plant materials such as bamboo.

Not many know that bamboo is the material that is considered the most sustainable on earth. Bamboo can grow up to two feet in a short time. To achieve maximum growth, bamboo only takes three to seven years.

4. Lighting

For lighting, consider using an LED light instead of a bulb. Because it can produce bright light but more energy efficient.You can also use romantic little candles in every corner of the wedding venue, if you hold an outdoor event.

5. Sukulen Souvenir

When choosing a wedding souvenir, you can choose a useful gift that is really useful for the guests in attendance. Crop trends can be one of the right ideas for your marriage.

One of the favorites is a mini plant such as cactus to succulent. In addition to easy maintenance, this plant also does not take many places so easily placed anywhere.

That's some inspiration to make your wedding party more environmentally friendly. [tsr]

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