5 Trend Skin Care During The Year 2017, One Of Your Favorites

5 Trend Skin Care During The Year 2017, One Of Your Favorites

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Vemale.com – In addition to makeup, facial or skin care is also one of the focus of women to get the maximum appearance. Throughout the year 2017 there are recorded some trends in the face of the world's most hunted face in the Google search engine. Collected from three different areas of facial care, Japan, France and America, what are these facial care trends?

Face Mask

In 2017 this facial mask trend so one of the treatments is quite hype. Starting from peel off mask at the beginning of the year to mid year, then followed by the presence of sheet mask and multimasking. It turns out Google is also recorded in the three major countries such as America, Japan and France the average keyword such as face mask, facial mask for oily skin, facial mask for acne skin and facial mask to hydrate the skin into a word that many people sought . But this mask trend looks first hype in Japan and rolled into Europe and America. When Japanese territory lowers search interest in face masks, many Japanese residents are expanding their search with mask products for other skins such as cuticle masks, hand masks and foot masks. Seeing the development trend of skin care in Japan that looks most up to date, it is not impossible mask products in other body parts will also be a trend in the European region and the United States next year.

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Skin Care Vegan

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This year is not just the kind of skin care product that is the attention of the users of cyberspace, according to Google in the United States many people are looking for the word vegan skin care on google search engine. Like vegan face wash, vegan body wash, vegan skin care and vegan Lotion. Even the average person in America tends to 13 times more searches on the word vegan skin car compared to the French and Japanese regions. If you look at the high level of community interest, it seems like the trend of makeup and vegan skin care will survive and continue to grow until next year.

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Cleansing Brush

In addition to relying on products that are topical, equipment to support the benefits of skin care products are also getting the attention of internet users. Like the use of cleansing brush, this facial cleanser product proved to have increased search in google machines, especially in the United States. The so-called product claims are able to clean the face more thoroughly than just using this hand, of course, make the women willing to look for similar products to the process of cleaning the face so more leverage.

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DIY Skincare gets a pretty high search in the US and France this year. For America itself, many DIY searches are focused on face masks. While in France the search for DIY skin care tends to be more widespread, both for masks, scrubs and body moisturizing products. Noted keyword DIY skin care and homemade skin care has increased up to 38% in the Google search engine this year.

Skin Care Men

Although the total number of searches is not as big as the four skin care trends above, but the carepria skin search word has increased significantly and continues to increase in three major regions such as America, Japan and France. This indirectly proves, if now the men look increasingly serious care for their appearance.

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