5 Types of Plants That Can Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

5 Types of Plants That Can Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta Many people are utilizing potted plants to decorate the room. Call it from the living room, work space, kitchen, to the bedroom. But not many people decorate the bathroom with a touch of living plants. In fact, humidity in the bathroom can be a suitable habitat for several varieties of plants.

In addition to sweeten the room, most potted plants can also help purify the air. Take advantage of its presence to improve the air quality inside your home. But before choosing plants to be placed in the bathroom, there are some things to note.

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Some types of plants exist that require little intake of light, some require a high humidity level, some also require a large area for its development.

In addition, think about the right location to put the potted plants. For small plants should place on the table or countertop. Another area to choose from is by the window, in the corner of the room, and hanging on the wall.

And as summarized from Rumah.com, here are five types of plants that fit placed in your bathroom.

Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera)

This type of plant is often used as an ornamental plant pot. Although aloe vera requires a lot of light intake, but they can not be exposed to direct sunlight too much.

For that aloe vera just fit placed in a room close to the window. Due to the high humidity of the bathroom, the aloe vera does not need much water to survive.


Bamboo becomes a potted plant with the most rapid development so it is suitable chosen to decorate the room. There are many ways you can choose to control the growth of Bamboo. For example, you can tie a tree trunk with a binder or by forming a tree-like bonsai to look attractive.Orchid

Orchid flowers are a type of flower with a species of more than 20,000 varieties. They grow healthy in warm and moist temperatures and are very beautiful if used as a room decorator.

No wonder if this type of plant becomes the most popular choice to decorate a number of bathrooms in shopping centers and offices. There are many choices of orchid flower colors, but the white color being the most popular is selected.


Potted plants with dark green stems are also known as snake plants. These potted plants do not need much light and water to survive. The tongue-in-law is often placed in the corner of the room and serves to purify the air. Its easy maintenance makes it suitable to be placed inside or outside the room.

Spider plant

Spider plant is a name that is widely used for some types of plants. But the spider plant here is Chlorophytum comosum. This plant belongs to a water place plant or can live with air media and can be more than two years old.

The height of this plant can reach 60 cm and has a narrow leaf. The popular spider plant is chosen for home care because of its easy maintenance and absorbing toxins in the room.

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