5 Unique Facts About Google That You Did not Know (Part 2)

5 Unique Facts About Google That You Did not Know (Part 2)

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Google is one of the top technology giants based in the United States. Companies that are famous for various products like search engines, Google Glass, Google Chrome, and more are very popular. Even Google Search alone has become the most widely used search engine by internet users to date.

However, behind the success of this technology giant company, it turns out there are some facts that apparently not so much known by others, whether it is about the history of Google or about what things are in the company's Google office itself. Curious what are these unique facts? Let's see the following Jaka reviews.

1. Call of Noogler and Xoogler

Noogler is a term used in Google companies to name those who just joined Google. Those who have just joined Google are required to use rainbow-colored caps equipped with propellers that read Noogler.

On the other hand, the term Xoogler stands for Ex Google. Xoogler is a term for those who have quit or are no longer a worker in a Google company. Although out of Google, that does not mean that employees missed the opportunity to earn a big salary because some of the Xoogler is actually more successful after out of Google.

One of the most famous Xoogler is Marissa Mayer, a former worker in Google's search division who is now CEO of Yahoo.

2. The First Google Server Made From LEGO

Google is known for its advanced technologies. But it turns out that behind it all, the original form of Google's server is LEGO's first. When Google's founders such as Larry Page and Sergey Bin were about to set up their own servers for testing, they were forced to compile the hard drives they carried along with the LEGO toy pile formed like a closet.

The reason for using LEGO is because LEGO is considered cheaper than using other materials as a framework. LEGO jugs more easily unpacked if only they need additional hard drive.

3. Google Hire Sheep

In addition to hiring experts and technology maniacs from around the world, Google also turns out to employ animals. Animals employed by Google is a flock of sheep who was deliberately hired to eat the grasses in the area of ??Google's office.The sheep are hired through a company called California Grazing. According to Google, the existence of the sheep can also make the land in the Google office more fertile and considered more efficient than lawn mowers.

4. Google's Response To The Letter Of A Little Girl

Google has also received a letter from a small girl whose father is one of the workers at Google. In the letter, this little girl requested that Google give an additional holiday to her father.

Not only that, what makes Google more interested in letters from this girl is the letter is written with crayons, and there is an additional special note at the end of the letter, where the little girl reminds Google about the summer holidays.

The boss of the little girl's father was very touched by the letter from him and then responded well by granting the request from the little girl.

5. I'm Feeling Lucky Adverse Google

I'm Feeling Lucky (I'm lucky again) is one of the features in the Google search engine that will direct the user to the site address with the highest page rank in accordance with the keywords entered without the need to pass the search results page.

Unfortunately, this feature itself is detrimental to Google up to US $ 110 million because this feature will also pass various ads on the Google search results page.

Well, that's a unique fact about Google. Has anyone ever heard of you before? Got information about other Google unique facts? Please share in the comment field below yes.

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