5 Virtual Assistants Rising Leaves At This Time

5 Virtual Assistants Rising Leaves At This Time

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If talking about automation, certainly will not be separated from the Internet technology trends of Things (IoT). This technology is greatly affect the digital transformation that occurs today. The virtual assistant is also one of the implementations of the IoT. In fact this feature becomes a must-have feature within every smart device.

Every company that provides virtual assistant features also has their respective advantages. Here are 5 virtual assistants who are rising in the community today:

1. Siri

Apple giant Apple instills its Virtual Assistant named Siri on every device. iPhone 4S became the first smartphone that uses Siri. After that then penetrated on the iPad and iPod Touch. With the update, Siri can learn the habits of its users. Some examples like ordering online transport, scheduling meetings, even sending messages via chat apps can be done by Siri. This Apple Virtual Assistant will also be integrated with the iMessage app and offers iCloud sync in an automated way. Even reportedly, Siri will also be optimized in smart TV operating system, Apple Watch, tvOS, and also watchOS.

2. Google Assistant

Google pixel smartphone became the first device Google Assistant introduced. It only takes a while for Google to expand its scope. Now, for Android users with versions of Marshmellow and Nougat can already feel it. Features make appointments, ask various information, and can connect with other Google devices users can feel. Even with Allo chat application, Google Assistant can be invited to speak Indonesian. Of course, the number of users in the country will improve the ability of Google Assistant is in Indonesian language.

3. Alexa

Amazon developed a command-based system named Alexa for its homemade speaker, Echo. Abilities such as turning on the lights or songs at home can be done by Alexa. With continued developments, Alexa is also exploring in other products. Like Amazon Dot and Tap. The development of Alexa makes a pretty great competition with Siri. Because the more Echo users will affect Alexa. Materials reportedly Amazon and Microsoft do the same work to focus in the development of virtual assistant Alexa and Cortana. So users can use Alexa-based devices to use Cortana's features.

4. Cortana

Windows Phone 8.1 became the first device to use Cortana. Microsoft's virtual assistant has the same capabilities as other virtual assistants. Now in Windows 10 also already contain Cortana. This virtual assistant is smarter in getting to know the time in more detail and activity requests. Other features such as replying to messages coming from Android phones on a Windows PC are also present. Also, developers will be able to integrate Cortana into their applications. Thus, users can perform actions with voice as well as other automatic functions.

5. BixbyThe presence of Galaxy s8 and Galaxy S8 plus this year, made Bixby also born. Incoming reports to date from Samsung itself will soon expand Bixby in more than 200 countries. Some of these countries are UK, Australia, Canada, and also South Africa. It is currently only South Korea and the United States alone that can use Bixby. This virtual assistant is developed as a smart interface to help users give commands to their devices quickly and easily with voice commands. Samsung also plans to expand Bixby to more countries, languages, devices, and even third-party apps

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