5 Water Wasteful Behaviors Without Us Realize

5 Water Wasteful Behaviors Without Us Realize

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta Air as the most important element on earth is inseparable with various life on earth. Its function in addition to maintaining survival, water is also used by humans to support daily interests.

As is known more than 71% of the earth's surface is covered with water. As many as 97% of the water is in the form of sea water and only less than 3% of fresh water can be drunk. Of the world's fresh water amounts to more than 70% of it is eternal snow, polar ice and glaciers. About 30% of water is stored deep in the soil.

Only 1% of surface water can be used easily. The water is in the form of surface water, river water, lake water and swamp. However, unwittingly a lot of human behavior that tends to be wasteful of the use of clean water.


Many of us or maybe you are still using a scoop for bathing, but this way is feared to cause more wasted water than water that concerns the body. The heavy burial also causes people to rush in flushing so much clean water that is not right on target.

The average person spends 25-50 gallons of water per five minutes. To be more efficient use of the shower is recommended because it can save water in large quantities.


Unconsciously watery activity that looks trivial when accumulated enough to remove clean water. Should not be too much water to clean the dirt we are. Flush when you have finished urinating or large water so as not to waste too much clean water.


So much needed water supply needed by farms, ranging from to drinking water for livestock, bathing livestock, washing cattle cattle, livestock living places, and so forth.

Various farm animals that are massively farmed like chickens, cows, goats, ducks, fish and others indirectly also drain clean water in the wild. Did you know to produce 1 kg of beef required 15,000 liters of water?Water Watering

Clean water is easy to become dirty water due to human activity itself. Fond of throwing solid waste and solid waste into a pool of clean water like to the river and lake one of the triggers. As a result water sources gradually become unfit for consumption to support life.


Washing is not separated from human activities to clean up and in fact this activity is also the most widely used clean water. There are many kinds or types of washing laundry activities, such as washing clothes, car wash, wash the motor, wash the dishes, wash the floor, wash your hands, wash your feet, wash your face, and so forth.

In order to save clean water we need to evaluate various washing activities we have been doing. Some tips on how to save clean water when washing is to shrink the water while washing the dishes, turn off the water when not in use, wiping the vehicle instead of bathing the vehicle, using the existing detergent softener and perfume so just rinse the clothes once in the washing machine, and use a Zeropressure engine washer that allows the washing machine to continue to operate even when the water pressure is small, such as the Polytron's Zeromatic Belleza washing machine. Water pressure in your home Small? No problem, wash your clothes on!

So let's change the water usage habits for a better future of the world.


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