5 Most Great Ways to Charge Handphone Without Electricity

5 Ways Most Greget Ngecas Hp Without Electricity

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Running out of smartphone batteries has indeed become a common complaint in today's smartphone life. This often makes smartphone users upset.

In addition to recharge the battery using electric power or use the power bank when not finding a socket or power source. Do you know? Apparently there are several other creative ways that can be an alternative in charging the phone.

Reported from AndroidPit, here Jaka discuss how to recharge the battery of smartphones in the most unusual and unimaginable greget way before.

5 Ways Greget Most Hacks HP Without Electricity

1. Using Voice

The smartphone battery is running out? Recharge the battery with the same chatting smartphone. No need to bother anymore looking for a socket. Electrical engineers from Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea, developed a new technique that could convert sound into electrical energy. So, the phone battery can be charged when you are talking using HP.

This technology can also utilize background noise to recharge the battery when not in use. From the sound of music to the noise of the environment, can be energy for mobile phones. Sound 100 decibels or the equivalent of traffic noise, can produce 50 millivolts of electricity.

This technology uses a zinc oxide slip between the two electrodes. There is a sound-absorbing device at the top and will vibrate when a sound is absorbed. This causes depressed zinc oxide and this movement produces an electric current that can be used to recharge the phone battery.

2. Using Crank Case or Charger Engkol

In addition to using sound, you can charge your smartphone using a crank case or crank charger. This is a charger capable of changing one minute of rotation of the hand into 30 seconds of battery charging the smartphone is running out.

The resulting power has a size that is not too large, usually only 5 x 2.5 x 1 inch. This unique charger is suitable for various types of smartphones. Interested?3. Using the Wind

Next you can charge your smartphone using wind energy called iFan. It uses wind power as its battery charging power source utilizing a PC fan and turning it into a wind turbine. One interesting thing about this tool is that it can be linked to a bicycle.

Unfortunately, charging using this tool takes a long time. It should take at least six hours of charging to get the battery fully charged. However, the developers themselves are convinced that this tool will continue to grow so there is the possibility of changing the charging time becomes faster.

4. Using Body Heat

This new technology can collect kinetic energy and body heat to recharge your smartphone. Whether it's moving like dancing, walking, even sleeping.

Named Power Shorts and Recharge Sleeping Bag. Power shorts in the form of denim shorts with a charger in the rear pocket. Within eight hours the device is capable of recharging enough smartphones to make 24 minute calls.

While the sleeping bag is a portable sleeping mattress with a charger front pocket. Sleeping bag even more impressive, one day sleep will add 11 hours of your smartphone life.

When squashed or deformed, the substance contained in the instrument will pick up kinetic energy and turn it into power for your smartphone. The temperature that changes in the fabric in the sleeping bag also helps to charge the smartphone.

5. Using Fruits and Vegetables

This way would not imagine before is not it? YouTuber Caleb Charland manages to charge a smartphone ie Nokia Lumia 930 using energy from fruits and vegetables.

To charge the smartphone in this way, you will need a large wall with 800 apples and the potatoes are connected to each other with zinc and copper cables. This circuit is capable of generating an average electric current of 20 mAh or about 6V, so it is enough to charge the smartphone.Well, that's 5 alternative ways to charge your smartphone. It might be useful someday. By the way, the last way to use fruit and vegetables is just an ad from Microsoft. So do not practice it!

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