5 Ways To Keep Kids More Love Books Instead of Gadgets

5 Ways To Keep Kids More Love Books Instead of Gadgets

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Vemale.com – In an age of sophistication and everyone already has gadgets, you may miss the times when books are still a favorite of many people. As many people know, there is a phrase that says the book is the window of the world, but it seems that role is getting shifted with the advent of the internet.

No wonder then, the present generation is more attached to the internet than with books. But do not let the kids love the computer screen or gadget, because getting used to reading books has more benefits you know. Try these five tips for kids to read books.

Get used to reading books at home (even before they go to school)

Good habits must start from the immediate environment, the family. Inviting children to get used to reading home books will make him realize the importance of reading books. You can start with a children's favorite book, even before they enter kindergarten or elementary school.

No problem reading the same book over and over again

When children love something, they will continue to repeat it again and again. Do not be tired of accompanying him to read one book over and over again, even though he already memorized the story but the same pleasure is still felt by the child, so stay with you while introducing the other story book.

Read the story book you want to read

Although he may not understand what you read, let him join see what you read. You can read a few sentences in it and explain what you are reading. Make as simple as possible.

Create an activity related to the story in the book

It's good you make activities related to the book's story so that children happy, such as drawing or coloring pictures Cinderella and so forth. It can also simultaneously train his motor skills and creativity.

Connect the story of the book with real lifeThere are many valuable lessons from fairy tales, fables and other children's stories that can be linked to real life, everyday activities and character formation. When teaching something, children usually understand better when you connect with stories that he has heard and seen from children's stories.

So, it is not difficult to actually get used to reading children, provided that habit also grows first in your life and children can imitate you. Let's teach the child to love books more than his gadget.

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