5 Ways to Steal a Smartphone that Frequently used for Criminals

5 Ways to

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Currently the smartphone has become an important item that should not be left behind, let alone lost. You see on your smartphone there must be a lot of important data that do not want to be owned by others is not it? Included by thieves.

Speaking of thieves, have you ever experienced your smartphone incident stolen by criminals? As a precaution, following the Rat Way will give the way the criminals steal the smartphone.

How a Stealer Steals Smartphones

In order for your smartphone not to be stolen by others, you must be vigilant in every atmosphere. The best way to be more vigilant and prevent smartphones from being stolen is to recognize the techniques of criminals stealing a smartphone. As for how to steal a smartphone that many do is:

1. Redirects

How to steal a smartphone that many criminals use is to distract the target. Usually done by more than one person. This is usually done in crowded places.

Suppose thief 1 drops his belongings in front of you, and automatically you help him out of sympathy. Once your attention is focused on thieves 1, thieves 2 will start picking up your smartphone from your pocket or on the floor. If reckless, get out of your hands!

2. Slow down

For those of you who rush to the office or a place on foot, be wary of this stealing. Just like a distraction way, the offender will do this way more than one person.

When in a hurry, the offender will ask you something, get directions or hours or whatever. Because in a hurry, you will be distracted and unfocused. That's when the perpetrator who stole will take your smartphone.

3. Hiding Hands!Be careful if you often jostle in the train or bus, many thieves use this smartphone stealing technique. The offender will cover his hands with newspapers or magazines, to take your things (including smartphones) so as not to be seen by others. If you see suspicious motion, immediately scold!

4. The Blur!

So good people are not wrong, but the wrong thing is if your goodness is misused by others. For example giving the smartphone to other people because they say urgent, but then they even run away!

Well, how to steal a smartphone like this happens a lot in big cities. By utilizing the sympathy of people, the perpetrator will ask for help to borrow a smartphone and run away so smartphonenya in hand. Watch this technique when the place is quiet or crowded yes!

5. Pretend Nubruk

Do not use a smartphone while walking in a crowded place. Because there could be someone who pretends to bump you on the road, then take your smartphone. This way is commonly encountered around the crowded place of smartphonenya users!

That's 5 ways to steal a smartphone that many criminals use around us. By knowing how they stole, hopefully you can be more alert yes. Do not get fooled by the surroundings.

Come on more alert!

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