5 Your crop marks are ill

5 Your crop marks are ill

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Plants can get sick just like ordinary people. If not treated immediately, then your favorite plants can die. But unfortunately the plant does not have a heartbeat so detecting a dead plant is actually quite difficult, especially if you are a layman on the matter of gardening. There are at least five signs of your pet is sick and need extra care as quoted from Boldsky (06/06) below.

Withered leaves
There are two types of leaf causes in the wilted plant, the first is because the old leaves are time to the new. But the bad news, the second possibility could be your plants are sick because of young leaves that look dull and withered.

Leaf yellowing
Some types of plants are yellowing at certain times. However, the leaves that turn yellow in a short time are usually a sign that your pet plants are exposed to too much sun and burning.

Leaves fall out
Like leaves that withered, when the actual fall of plants can be quite normal. But if the fall is a leaf that is still green, then there is something wrong with your plant.

Notice the part of your favorite crop, is there a certain point that rot? An over-humid state is usually the cause of decaying plants. If the decay is part of the root, then your plant can not be saved.

Plant fruit
There are certain types of plants that after flowering and fruiting, then the plant is dead. Do not be surprised, you can observe the banana tree as an example. If you do not want the banana tree to die, then you should not let it bear fruit.

Other signs of sore plants are usually spots, discoloration, or insect and bacteria attacks. Whatever the case, should you separate the diseased plant so as not to spread to others. [riz]

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