50 Photos That Teach You The Meanings of Humanity

50 Photos That Teach You The Meanings of Humanity

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What is a human being? And why, and for what, we live? These questions certainly will not be solved by looking at the list of photos. However, the pictures below can be a good introduction to us towards humanity and the meaning of life:

Humans are those who love:

Minamata, Japan, in 1971 Ryoko Uemura washed his daughter in a traditional Japanese bath in their home. The daughter, Tomoko, was one of the victims of mercury poisoning in Minamata Bay, which left her paralyzed, handicapped, and dumb. Tomoko died six years after the photo was published.

Kumgang Mountains, Korea, in 2009 a South Korean man was unable to hold back tears as the bus carrying his brother a North Korean resident left their reunion site. This is the first time the two brothers have met since the truce between the two countries in 1953.

From the same reunion event. These family members are not allowed to call or send electronic mail to each other.

Indonesia, in 2010 a child greets her mother after praying in a mosque. This photo won an expectation award at Nyaah Ka Kolot Photo Contest, 2010.

Arizona, America, 2013 Mexican girl of Mexican descent Renata Teodoro grasps her mother's hand, Gorete, from behind the bars separating the United States and Mexico. Gorete was deported from America in 2007.

Humans are those who are capable of destroying:

Dresden, Germany, 1945 British and American troops launched a controversial airstrike into the city of Dresden, Germany, crashing the entire city center and killing 25,000 civilians. In the picture: the statue of the symbol of goodness.

Yarmouk, Syria, 2011 Eighteen thousand victims of the Syrian War queue to get food from the UN. This queue continues up to an unobserved corner of the camera.

Vietnam, 1972 Little children run around avoiding American planes bombarding them with Napalm skin burners. Panaaas! Panaaas! is the cry uttered by Nick Ut, the photographer who took this picture.EDIT (7/5/2014): The plane dropping the Napalm substance is owned by the South Vietnamese troops, not the Americans as originally written here.

Gaza Strip, Palestine, 2013 Palestinians bury the bodies of two brothers killed by Israeli missiles Suhaib Hijazi (2) and Muhammad Hijazi (3).

Tel Aviv, Israel, 2012 The families of the dead victims of a bus bombing of Israeli citizens in Sofia, Bulgaria, weep in the funeral procession. The death bus exploded by a suicide bombing, and most of the passengers were young people.

Humans are those who love:

In the photography series entitled The Battle We Didnt Choose: My Wifes Fight With Breast Cancer, American man Angelo Merendino documented his wife's struggle against breast cancer. The wife, Jennifer, finally lost with honor.

Vancouver, Canada, 2011 Scott Jones (29) attempted to pacify his lover Alexandra Thomas among the riots that broke out after the Vancouver Canucks club defeat of the Boston Bruins in the 2011 Stanley Cup hockey game. Alexandra fell to the ground after a policeman hit him.

Los Angeles, America, 1955 Two small children basked in the heat of Los Angeles tennis courts.

Among the many photos of Victorian times featuring flat faces, the couple shows their happiness.

Valdaro, Italy, 2006 Two human skeletons that are estimated to be between 5000 and 6000 years old are found in a state still embracing each other. Two skeletons later dubbed Valdaro's Bride is thought to have died at age no more than 20 years.

Humans are those who struggle:

Washington, USA, 1967 Jan Rose Kasmir is 17 years old when the flower he tucked in the bayonet of a soldier became a universal symbol of the anti-war movement.Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 2013 A demonstrator confronted police in a rally that broke out after the bus price in the Brazilian city was unilaterally raised by the Rio city government.

Jakarta, Indonesia, 2012 Sumiarsih (63), mother of Nurma Irawan (student of TNI shooting victim in 1998) was confronted by police in front of Istana Negara, Jakarta, when approached by Vice President Boediono. For 7 years in a row, Sumiarsih held a mute action once a week in front of the Palace to hold accountable for the human rights violations that occurred 16 years ago.

Kiev, Ukraine, 2013 a pro-democracy demonstrator in Kiev, the capital of the Ukrainian state, plays the piano in the midst of booms and bullet whistles all over the city.

Jakarta, Indonesia, 1998 Indonesian students shouted at the resignation of President Soeharto after 32 years in power.

Selma, Alabama, United States, 1965 A black girl who joined in a demonstration demanding the civil rights of non-whites in America staring closely at a white policeman with a Confederate flag on her helmet. The Confederation is a collection of states in America that oppose the abolition of black slavery in the nineteenth century.

Humans are those who learn:

A female scavenger in Nairobi, Kenya, reads the fragment of a book he finds among the garbage. I'm glad I can do something other than pick up trash, he admits.

School-age children cross the Ciberang River in Lebak, Banten. After being destroyed by the flood of 2001, it was only in 2012 after this photo was published by various international news agencies this bridge was repaired.

Tarnedi, a taxi driver in Jakarta, posted this announcement behind the driver's seat so that every passenger was willing to engage him in English.

Humans are those who seek a world outside of themselves:

Year 1935: a girl from Bali looks into a movie camera owned by a foreign tourist. It is not known who the image taker was.Year 2013: a religious expert in Jakarta, Indonesia, checking the moon to look for signs of Ramadan coming.

America, 1985 Anna Fisher became the first astronaut in history who was also a mother.

The Pale Blue Dot is a picture that the Voyager 1 spacecraft captured in 1990, from a distance of six trillion kilometers from planet Earth. In this photo, Earth is just a point that is barely visible, almost drowned among thousands of other celestial bodies and darkness.

Peoria, Illinois, America, 1963 The boy named Harold Whittles is stunned when he hears a voice for the first time in life.

Humans are those who help others:

Taken by Hendra Mulya. This photo won the first rank award in Nyaah Ka Kolot Photo Contest, 2010.

A nurse and a veiled girl crossed the street in Yogyakarta.

The bus passengers rescued a girl in China who attempted suicide.

Taken by a colleague of his battalion, the American soldiers took the arm of an Afghan girl before they came together into a village. Sometimes, a little girl walking alone would be stoned by these crazy boys ensuring the little girl is not stoned.

Lebanon, 2013 An Indonesian soldier joined by UN Peacekeeping forces poses with indigenous Lebanese children.

Humans are those who survive:Allahabad, India, 2013 a teenager hangs in PLN cable after the Ganges River overflows due to the annual flood in India.

Kim Phuc, the little girl who runs naked and screams Panaas! Panaas! in the rain napalm in the photo of the Vietnam War above has now become a mother.

One of the youths who survived the genocide in Rwanda, in 1994.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1960 Otto Frank, father of Anne Frank Holocaust, returned to the ceiling that had been his hiding place and his family from the Nazis before they were arrested and thrown into the concentration camp. Otto Frank is the only survivor of the four-member family.

Robben Island, South Africa, 1994 Nelson Mandela, then President of South Africa, returned to his jail room where he was locked up for 18 years.

Humans are those who celebrate life:

Austria, 1940 An orphaned child jumps up the pleasure of receiving a new pair of shoes from the Red Cross.

Rome, Italy, 1950 Ninalee Craig (20) walks across the sidewalks of Rome. Oh, I'm not being tempted at all! Obviously, as a reaction from some people who criticize this photo as a woman's exploitation. The men [in this picture] are actually polite. Ruth and I (the photographer taking this picture) are very happy.

The legendary dancer and mother of the modern dance stream, Isadora Duncan, dances among the waves.

A mother from the United States, with her daughter

Human beings are differentand learn to accept the difference:

A three-week-old albino African American baby sleeps hugely with his cousin.

A punk boy lets a black boy touch his stud jacket in a parade of equal rights to love campaigns.

An ethnic Kazakh chief in Mongolia with his full outfit. They live semi-nomadic (sedentary) and fill the day by hunting eagles.

A female soldier in North Korea. North Korea is the most militaristic country in the world, if weighed from the size of the military role in the country and how many of its citizens are part of the military.

Kenya A Kenyan Masai warrior, Kenya, in his wartime outfit.

Ethiopia, 2012 A woman from the Ethiopian tribe of Mursi reads French edition of Vogue for the first time. The result? Oh, they love it, but I think my driver even likes it! replied Eric Lafforgue, the photographer who took this picture.

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