5000 Km Square of Ice Plates Split From Antarctica. Looks like World Map Mandatory Redeemed

5000 Km Square

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In fact many still do not believe that global warming is really happening on our beloved earth. One example is the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Many of his Twitter shouts are skeptical about global warming. Though the facts on the ground have shown clearly, the evidence of the earth's irrefutable changes. Starting from the increasingly hot world temperatures rise each year, to the increasingly extremes of climate change that causes flash floods, strong winds, and various other natural disasters.

Most recent is the breaking of large ice plates in the Antarctic or Antarctic hemisphere. If you think this is a common phenomenon, you're wrong. The newly split ice plate is estimated at twice the size of Luxembourg. If the size of plate is broken, the world map can not be valid anymore

Yet in fact has been from the last few years the potential breakup of this ice plate is visible. They say this plate can break at any time

Researchers have indeed been monitoring the development of the Larsen ice plate in Antarctica, both A, B, and C. Well, during the observation process, they see the greater fracture of the Larsen C. ice plate. The fault is widening until the researchers make the assumption that chunks of ice can be broken at any time.

The fault on the Larsen C plate is 200 Km in length! Even the distance of the fault with the ice border alone is only 13 Km difference. This is the basis of the speech of the researchers who said that the fault in Larsen C can be broken at any time. And sure enough, yesterday (July 12, 2017) the fault was completely separated from the Larsen C plate that resulted in the depletion of the Larsen ice sheet in Antarctica.

Indeed this phenomenon is not a strange phenomenon. But the magnitude of the cracked ice plate that makes this phenomenon dangerous

The Larsen-C rift opening over the last 2 years from # Sentinel1 pic.twitter.com/MT9d3HAw1M

Adrian Luckman (@adrian_luckman) January 31, 2017

If you want to be honest, the phenomenon of a broken block of ice in Antarctica is not a strange rare phenonema. Even such phenomena have occurred several times since time immemorial. Well that makes a different phenomenon this time is the amount of ice that is broken.

This is part of the normal behavior of ice shelves. What makes this unusual is the size, professor Adrian Luckman from Swansea University, the investigative leader of the MIDAS project.

Well imagine, the ice chunk that is split from the Larsen C plate is estimated to reach 5,800 square kilometers weighing about 1 trillion tons! Referring to these measures, the extent of the loose ice can cover twice the size of the state of Luxembourg and three times the size of the city of London. Well how dangerous and frightening tuh!Because of the magnitude, even this shard of ice can affect the appearance of a map of the world. Can-can map of the world redrawn because of it

With such a large size, it is natural that in the end the ice fault will affect the appearance of the earth on the world map. Ice chunk with the size of three times the size of the city of London, with a standard scale only changes in appearance on the map of this world can be seen clearly. It is not impossible that in the future the world map is really changed because of it.

Although it does not have a direct impact, the breakup of ice in Larsen C gives a danger signal for us

Perhaps it is true what some researchers say. They say that the breaking of ice blocks is a natural phenomenon. But the fracture of ice is as big as it indicates a problem on our earth. Starting from an unhealthy Antarctic condition, the potential rise of sea water until proving that global warming is really real.
Well then we must be vigilant. Let's both try to improve the earth so that global warming is not more threatening our lives.

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