52,000 Hectares of TNBBS Forest Area Beyond

52,000 Hectares of TNBBS Forest Area Beyond

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The forest area of ??Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (TNBBS) with an area of ??356,800 ha, of which 52,000 ha have been expanded so that it is damaged and changed its function as a shifting cultivation area, residential and community plantation, said Head of TNBBS Center, Drs Tamen Sitorus MSc.

According to Tamen on the illegal logging interactive dialogue at RRI Tanjungkarang in Bandar Lampung on Wednesday, it is not true that certain parties claim that TNBBS forest areas that have encroached and damaged reaches about 50% of the existing area.

"It must be admitted that some areas of TNBBS have been damaged and encroached, but not half that way," Tamen said, accompanied by Illegal Logging Research Center (ILRC) chairman Ratman Taswin and EU representative in Lampung, Michael Jager.

Head of Balai TNBBS confirmed that the pressure on the existence and sustainability of TNBBS forest area is quite big and very worrying, especially in the form of forest encroachment practice, illegal logging, and hunting in it.

He acknowledged, in areas that have been encroached on coffee plantations, chocolate, rice crops and a number of agricultural crops and other plantations that are managed illegally by the community.

However, the result of checking the air through Citra Landsat satellite is supported by field checking, showing the total damaged and encroached area reaches about 16% more or at least reaching an area up to 52.000 ha.

In fact according to Tamen, in the forest area of ??the park there is absolutely no human dwelling and gardening activities or farming.

He mentioned that the areas that have been infiltrated and damaged in TNBBS are among others located and concentrated around Sekincau-West Lampung regency, so that almost all forest areas around the Sekincau region has been encroached and damaged.

But it is known, encroachment there has long been going on, at least since 1952. TNBBS itself originally since 1935 by the Netherlands Indies set as a wildlife reserve which later in 1982 became a national park area.

The TNBBS manager stated that the new encroachment is kept to a minimum, while the old encroachment can be relocated with various human approaches.

"We are determined to stop the new encroachment and find a way out to overcome the encroachment that occurred relatively long," he said."This area is the last native forest in Lampung that has a high diversity of flora and fauna in it, so it must be preserved, saved and preserved," says Tamen Sitorus.

Administratively, TNBBS is located in three regencies of Lampung (Tanggamus and Lampung Barat in Lampung) and Kaur in Bengkulu Province. (* / dar)

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