5K Fun Run, Run Healthy For Green Environments

5K Fun Run, Run Healthy For Green Environments

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Citizen6, Jakarta How often do you exercise every week? It could be two to three times a week, maybe only once a week. Exercise is an important thing for everyone to do, but this activity is less attention because of the many jobs or activities that have been time-consuming.

Have you seriously taken the time to exercise? Regular exercise is the key to keeping the body healthy and avoiding disease. But at 5K Fun Run is, in addition to healthy, you can also sport while greening the environment.

5K Fun Run, is an event that combines running sport while doing reforestation to the surrounding environment, by planting tree seedlings. Carrying the theme "1000 Lari Nusantara", this event invites Jakarta residents to return to live healthy with exercise and keep Jakarta environment.

The event will be held on Sunday, June 15, 2014 at VIP Car Park, FX Sudirman Jakarta. The event is aimed at Jakarta residents to participate in participating in Car Free Day which is now held every Sunday by the Jakarta government.

The event is open to the public, provided that participants are at least 15-55 years old. Do not forget to use sports attributes that have a touch of Indonesia. You can use sports caps or socks that have batik patterns. Or sports t-shirts that read "I Love Indonesia", use your Indonesian attribute and use it with pride when running. For the participants of this event, it would not hurt to prepare a small towel and also mineral water to avoid dehydration while running.

This event is not just a regular running event, because this event also provides interesting prizes for the race participants. The winner of this race event will get a special prize from the event organizer, and do not worry because all participants must get a gift from the organizer. Participants will get three donation trees, goodie bag, and also hotel vouchers. The three donation trees are the trees that the participants will plant during the 5K Run Fun Run event.

This event in addition to nourish the body of participants, also nourish the environment of Jakarta which still requires a lot of trees for reforestation. Hopefully this event can help the greening of Jakarta city, healthy the participants of the event, also provide motivation for the citizens of Jakarta to be more concerned about the environment.


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