6 Alternative Goods That You Can Choose For A Wedding Gift

6 Alternative Goods That You Can Choose For A Wedding Gift

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Well … which again the season dapet wedding invite friends, colleagues and relatives, see yuk some alternatives that you can choose as a gift for the bride who is happy. Gifts are also not always expensive, can use your creativity but still memorable.

Because actually the most important is our sincere prayer for the bride, so that their marriage is always happy and faithful to the end of life. But it will be more memorable if we also give a charming and unique gift to further complement their happiness.

Hopefully useful …

1. Cushion Cover with Funny Posts

Cute Pillowcase via https://www.pinterest.com

A pillowcase with writing like this is the first alternative for you who like to be creative. You can make it by ordering a tailor, a silk screener or even can order in several online shop accounts that are rampant today.

This gift can make the couple smile of course, and certainly useful for new couples who will need bed sheets and pillowcases to sleep together. wuuuuhh

2. A set of Beautiful Tea Cups

Beautiful cup via http://www.aliexpress.com

Well, newly married couples, especially those who already directly inhabit their own home or independent will definitely need a set of teacups to serve drinks to guests.

As a good friend or relative, it would be wonderful if you could give a beautiful cup of tea as a present at their wedding. Tea cups are also available in various models, colors and motifs, many are found everywhere. There are in traditional markets, supermarkets, malls, etc., very easy to get it. The price is also varied. Well live you customize with the pleasure of the bride, if the bride like red, live you choose a red cup with the best design.3. Books About Marriage

Wedding books via https://www.theodysseyonline.com

In addition to giving gifts that make your arrival more memorable for the bride, by giving a book about marriage, you can also share the benefits for the bride and groom.

You can easily get a book on tips and ins and outs of weddings at various bookstores in your city. The price also varies. Then you can wrap this book with beautiful plain wrapping paper, then embed the ribbon on it. Impressed elegant and beautiful of course.

Do not forget to give greetings and prayers for both brides!

4. Piyama Couple

Couple Pajamas via http://www.aliexpress.com

Funny if you can give a pair of sleeping pajamas to both brides. Especially if you have a skill sewing clothes, hhmm this option is very interesting to do. Do not forget to choose pajamas with a soft material yes to be comfortable also when worn.

The more extreme option is to give sexy lingerie as a gift. Although lingerie is only for the bride, but indirectly, lingerie is also a gift for the groom. Because the bridegroom must be very happy and fascinated to see his wife wearing a beautiful lingerie and seductive during the night, especially on the first night. wooow

5. Outdoor Grill

Grills via http://diskon.answers.web.idSomewhat different, this gift can be a complement to the kitchen collection for newly married couples. When saturated or tired with the routine and density of the city, spending time at home can be an option for couples.

Well, by giving this gift, they can use it for that moment. They can relax while doing BBQ Party. Tools that are often unthinkable by couples who first shop to meet their home furnishings, while the tool is arguably quite needed.

The price is also not too expensive, such grills are available in various sizes and prices kok, so do not worry if you have to adjust to the budget.

6. Hotel Voucher

Hotel Voucher via http://www.newyork.com

You can sweeten the wedding day by giving a hotel or villa voucher for overnight. Do not forget to give a choice of date range of use yes, so the bride can adjust to their leisure time.

The price of this voucher is of course diverse, in accordance with the hotel or villa and the type of room you choose. It would be nice if you also provide additional facilities honeymoon package, so the room for them will be given decoration and additional facilities for couples who are on honeymoon.

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