6 Amazing Ice Hotels Ever Been in the World

6 Amazing Ice Hotels Ever Been in the World

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If you are tired of staying in a mediocre place while traveling, it seems you need to know about some of the extreme inns in the world, ranging from tree houses to lodging on the seabed. For those who want to get another sensation, staying at the ice hotel becomes his choice.

There are many ice hotels in the world that are built by artists every year. Uniquely the rooms in this ice hotel is not the same, considering the making of the room depends on the availability of ice itself. Do not be afraid of the cold when staying at the hotel ice, the article hotel manager has provided a comfortable mattress equipped with a thick blanket that lets you stay in warm conditions.

As quoted from Wanderlust.co.uk, Monday (06/06/2016) following 6 amazing ice hotels ever in the world.

The Ice-Hotel, Sweden

Claimed to be the largest ice hotel in the world, The Ice-Hotel is built by experienced artists using only ice blocks. Even the beds and the entire interior of the room are made of ice carvings. However, you should not be afraid of the cold when in the room, given the manager has provided thermal and thick blankets that allow you to stay in warm conditions.

Hotel de Glace, Canada

Although only 10 minutes from downtown Quebec City, visiting the Hotel de Glaze is like an adventure into a frozen world filled with ice. Not only provide a bedroom, this ice hotel is also equipped with a bar that is designed very unique. Never ask when why things change when you come back in the next year, considering that this hotel is built with an ever-changing concept every year. For those of you who crave the best place to stay with the sensation of sleeping in the ice, the manager has prepared Deluxu Suit Hotel which features a fireplace and private spa, very fitting for you who want a honeymoon in winter.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway

Surrounded by charming Finnmark highlands with fragrant pine trees, Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel features super comfortable rooms, meeting rooms and galleries. Moreover, its precise location allows you to watch the aurora flickering above the sky. Watching the colorful skies that dance while drinking hot coffee inside the ice hotel room is certainly an experience never thought of before.

Iglu-Dorf, Switzerland

In contrast to most ice hotels, this ice hotel offers the standard of a romantic side of an iglo house. Equipped with a private hot spring pool, Iglu-Gorf is the right place for you who want to experience the romantic atmosphere of a room at the ice hotel. The delicious sleeping and dinner blankets allow you to keep warm and comfortable inside the hotel.Snow Village, Finland

Snow Village is built from 29 million kilos of snow and 350 thousand kilo crystal ice. Not only offering hotel rooms, Snow Village is also equipped with restaurants, bars, and even a chapel for you who want to carry out the wedding. Uniquely each hotel room is equipped with a charming ice carving decoration, which makes you feel at home lingering in it.

Eskimo Village, Slovenia

Impressed with the many ice hotels that existed before? Not yet, because this ice hotel in Slovenia offers a different concept. This ice hotel offers its visitors to build iglo homes as well as its own decoration using shovels and chainsaws. If that's too hard for you, feel the sensation inside the ice chamber provided. Inside you can feel the sensation of playing golf on the snow and taking a walk by train, and stop at some ice bars that have special menus.

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