6 Android Games Adapted From Best Movies

6 Android Games Adapted From Best Movies

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It is undeniable that the gaming industry is now as big as the movie industry, which we can see with the many games adapted to the big screen, namely Resident Evil, Angry Bird to Tomb Raider.

But this time Jaka just want to discuss about the film adaptable to the gaming world, it must be admitted if most of this game has a quality that can be quite bad. However, many adaptation games from films that have good quality, even better than the movie itself, for which Jaka has selected 6 Best Android Movie Adaptation Game.

6 Best Android Movie Adaptation Game

The Dark Knight Rises

Indeed the time of the release of a game is not always directly proportional to the quality of the game produced, this also happens with the game The Dark Knight Rises which was released in 2013 ago. Although his own film directed by Christopher Nolan's maestro received a very positive response.

But this does not make the game adaptation as sinking, just the opposite, this game is executed pretty well by the developer, Gameloft. Starting from the visuals like PS4 games, cool world world, up to the exciting fighting style is enough to make Jaka no doubt choose this Batman game to be the top sequence in this list.

LEGO Jurassic World

Although there is another version of the Jurassic World movie adaptation game, but Jaka chose this game besutan TT Games because based on various aspects such as their re-events in the film, can collect various dinosaurs to explore the extent of the world of Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.

Interestingly, not only in the last series of Jurassic World but all the series that have been released also you can explore here that is Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III complete with the same plot itself with the film version. So do not just rely on gameplay but the nostalgic factor is also a selling point in this game.

The Maze Runner

Although it must be admitted if the film itself does not have a positive enough rating, but it adaptation of the game became so famous, especially for the casual gamers who want a simple game but fun. This can be seen by the number of downloads on the PlayStore that are pretty much for the size of the game Endless Runner.As in the movie, here you will join the Gladers who have to get out of the labyrinth with various obstacles such as falling rocks, flaming puddles to a deadly spray of water. Interestingly again, you can choose the characters that you will play complete with the speed up to their respective stamina.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

If the previous games are Singleplayer games, then this game carries a Multiplayer system which fortunately fits perfectly in the movie Real Steel that presents the battle between robots that are controlled by humans. And as you can imagine, you will control a robot that can fight other robots from around the world.

Here you can also use iconic robotic characters in movies like Atom, Noisy Boy and Zeus, but there is also a leaderboard ranking every player and the most desired feature of today's gamers, Local Multiplayer. True, you can fight against your own friends with local Wifi or Bluetooth.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Do you remember the movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Although the movie itself is not as memorable as the first Spiderman trilogy, the game itself can be quite successful. Why is that?

As well as the game The Dark Knight Rises is also made by Gameloft, this game also brings openworld system with a very cool world. You can hang in New York's tall buildings while exterminating enemies like Venom, Green Goblin to Electro with its profit-bed.

The Adventures of Tintin

Fun to adventure with Snowy on your Android. Not only enough to see the action Tintin on the big screen, but you can also become Tintin in this game made by Gameloft to investigate the case of Secret of the Unicorn like in the movie.

There are a variety of activities you can do here, from stealthy past guards, to piloting the plane to the race of the Camel can you do, but the highest appreciation Jaka give for the visual aspect that according to Jaka no less when compared to the film. Desert, Boat, Aircraft, Mansion displayed very riveting, even Jaka could not believe if this game was released long enough.

Immediately prepare your money to buy all the games above, but some of the above games are no longer in the PlayStore. So you should be ready to hunt for links other than PlayStore.

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