6 Benefits of Placing Lemon Sliced Near the Bed, from Breathing Up To Make Healthy Body

6 Benefits of Placing Lemon Sliced Near the Bed, from Breathing Up To Make Healthy Body

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Lemon is known as a fruit with high vitamin C content. In addition, this fruit is also rich in vitamin B1, antioxidants, calcium and other nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body. If lemon is usually used as a drink or applied directly on certain body parts, then this time Hipwee Tips will review the benefits of lemon slices placed near the bed.

It sounds strange and unusual, but the air released by the lemon is better than air freshener. Moreover, our breathing will be more leverage while sleeping at night. That is the reason, giving aromatherapy when we sleep provides certain benefits. These are the things that you will get

1. Calming the nervous system, reducing anxiety and helping relieve tension after exhaustion on the move

Lemons have teraupetik properties that act as an anti-depressant for the body. The distinctive aroma contained in fresh lemon fruits can help release the stresses that exist in the human brain. Fresh aroma and the color of the fresh and bright lemon fruit will not stimulate the brain immediately to be more calm and relieve the stress experienced, comfortable and also increase the hormone endorphins in the human body that makes the happiness.

2. When inhaling the lemon scent, the mind will be more concentrated so that its memory will increase

In addition to restore mood, lemon scent is also potent used as a stimulant in improving the cognitive system. Even according to a scientist in Japan, when we smell the lemon in the workplace, then at work we will make fewer mistakes. That's why inhale lemon scent when we sleep will increase concentration and nourish the mind.

3. Overcoming nasal congestion and relieve respiration

When the nose is blocked or is experiencing the flu, lemons can come as a savior. The soft smell of lemon slices will soothe the nostrils and make your breathing easier to fall asleep faster. Lemon slices help to improve breathing well.

4. Placing lemon slices in the bedroom every night will help lower blood pressure gradually

Lemon scent has a good performance to reduce water retention and increase absorption of minerals in the body. Lemon also contains potassium compounds that help stabilize high blood pressure in the body. Potassium is able to provide a calming effect for the human mind so that the fruit is widely used as stress therapy, depression, and mental disorders.

5. Lemon slices help in absorbing harmful bacteria including free from mosquito attack, resulting in clean fresh airLemons are enriched with citronellal contents that are feared by insects such as mosquitoes, flies, lice and the like. By putting lemons in the bedroom, the surrounding air will be neutralized because the bacteria will be absorbed by this magical yellow fruit. The lemon slices can act as effective natural mosquito repellent. Typical aroma can protect your sleep from all insects, especially mosquitoes.

6. Lemon slices will make you feel fresh and energized when you wake up in the morning

Its aroma helps increase the production of serotonin in the brain that is powerful in relieving stress and depression. It makes you feel happy and satisfied when you wake up. In addition, lemons also help eliminate negative energy in the body you know!

You no longer need perfume or fragrances to make your bedroom to be fragrant and soothing. Just use a lemon slice, you've got various health benefits. Let's try it at home!

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