6 Best Open World Android Game That Makes Its Main Sense

6 Best Open World Android Game That Makes Its Main Sense

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Open world game android has many advantages, namely the free user to interact in the game. Many open world games are played on PC or Playstation etc. And when the user again lazily open the PC, laptop or Playstationnya if playing old can be wasteful electricity too.

Now open world game has a lot of popping up in android. What are the games? Let's binoculars together with 6 games that are sure to make you feel at home. Do not forget to sediain same charger snacks in front of you yes.

1. Ravensword

This Ravensword game is a lot cool. Games that are 3D is worth making dimainin. Meet the same Dinosaurs, Troll may look here later will surely be faced with the same monster. If diliat emang similar to Skyrim game from the start of the same area of ??its people, just a lot also difference. The point is if you want to search adrenaline with ngalahin enemy big (monster), try playing this game.

2. Nimian Legends Brightridge

Want a walk to the forest? Listening to birds chirping or wolf roaring again? It's his game! In this game the user will many nemuin beautiful forest and also animals. Users will be a gallant knight here yaih.

The cool again can explore the underwater world ya, wah steady yah feel again in the real world. It's okay to swim with the whales or ride the eagle.

3. Aralon Sword and Shadow

Could be a half-elf race, even a troll? Can! Here also there are various title jobs that is warrior, rogue, ranger, and mage. Well, a lot of titles should be mission continue dong ya? No need gan, we can walk first who knows there are hobby fishing but lazy nyari worms, can in this game ya. Can also user hunting ya to eat usernya. Curious? Try playing this game, guaranteed exciting!

4. The Amazing Spiderman

This open world game is made by Gameloft, a game developer from the days of HP Nokia. Want to hang in Spiderman kayak city? Users can do it here. Many beautiful city scenery will continue to meet the same atmosphere of the city where Spidey lived. You can run a mission in order to earn income, so the Spidey can shopping Quiet guaranteed exciting really, please try ya please.5. Light Of Aiaran

Now switch to the MMORPG game, from the previous game to the west-western tuh. Now try this cool game. This anime-style game will make the user a quirky hero. This game can bring the whole world alias online. The NPC here will ask for the help of the user, so the user must ngelakuin mission nih let me rewards. There are various races and jobs. Let's try it! Maybe later you can be the best player? Nothing wrong to try it.

6. Raft Survival

Actually this is recommended from me and this game open world just because of stranded, so so open world around the sea. So we are stranded in the sea with a wood that we ride, many floating things that we have to take and contrived home.

Just challenge it fit to grab goods or food, exclamation. And we ditemenin nih at sea the same shark. Enemy of the player here is a shark, so be careful ya. Let's try this awesome game!

All of me, please forgive me if there is a mistake. This cool world open game will challenge our adrenaline if it is getting drifting in the game. Let's play, hopefully useful!

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