6 Best Open World Games In Android 2017

6 Best Open World Games In Android 2017

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Open World, is a game that allows players to roam freely throughout the available folders in the game.

Even so, the game also has a variety of missions to complete as a condition of completing the story in the game.

Although games in this fashion are usually identical to consoles and PCs, there are now many different open world games available on Android, as well as GTA and Amazing Spider-Man games.

So what is the best open world game of the year? Check out Jaka's review of the best open world game on Android 2017 below.

Best Open World Game on Android

1. Bully: Anniversary Edition

If you've ever played this game on the PS2 console, you'll know the outline of the storyline of Bully: Anniversary Edition.

You will play a bad boy who is also a transfer student at Bullworth Academy.

As Jimmy Hopkins you will complete a variety of missions where you will develop from a very naughty child and turn into a good boy.

2. Rope Hero: Vice Town

The next best open world Android game is a combination of GTA and Amazing Spider-Man, so it's about who can describe the gameplay of Rope Hero: Vice Town.Yes, you will be free to swing across town like Spider-Man, but you can also steal cars, buy weapons, and make more money.

In addition, you can also run a variety of missions to complete the entire story in the game.

3. Jade Empire

This one game is similar to Assassin's Creed, it's just taking a colossal style and kungfu-style fight. Interestingly, you can choose the character at the beginning of the game, where each character has a different storyline.

Throughout the game you will get a new fight style that is useful to strengthen your character. The controls used in combat are also quite easy to implement because they are virtual joysticks.

4. Mission Berlin

Adapted from the movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E., the android world open game, Warner Bros., also brought this into the Android gaming market. With the title of Mission Berlin game, where took the Time Setting in Berlin in the 1960s.

You will play the two intelligence agents who are investigating a case where there is a mysterious organization whose rumors will use nuclear to disrupt the ongoing cold war.

5. Radiation Island

The combination of open world and the First Person Shooter mode, in Radiation Island you must survive from very difficult circumstances.

In accordance with the title, you will be on a lagging island filled with radiation, zombies, and hazardous natural environments. For those of you who like the game mode Survival Open Word like Far Cry, this game you should play.6. Aralon: Forge and Flame

Broadly speaking, the storyline of this game, about the emptiness of the royal throne of Aralon. Then the Kingdom of Callaheim tried to monopolize and rule the empire.

Your job is to solve all this mess. The vast royal and natural graphics are full of beautiful trees and rivers. Interestingly, you can also ride and ride the horses that are in the game.

The final word

That's 6 of the best open world games on Android 2017. Hope it's useful and good to play! Do not forget to share kamlau you have alternative options other best games yes.

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