6 Controversial Games Blocked App Store Yet Pass in Google Play Store

6 Controversial Games Blocked App Store Yet Pass in Google Play Store

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Different operating systems, of course, different places where we will download the application. If Android has the Google Play Store as a spearhead, then Apple has an App Store that also provides a lot of applications and games. Different companies that have, of course will also differentiate the rules that are imposed on each application and game that will be installed in the two means store it.

It is known that there are so many apps and games that have been accepted by the Play Store well but can not be accepted by the App Store for a variety of reasons. Therefore, through the following article, we will tell you what games are blocked by Apple App Store but managed to escape in the Google Play Store.

6 Games Controversial Blocked Apple App Store But Pass in Google Play Store

1. OnLive

OnLive is not really a game but a platform to play cloud-based games. Using cloud-gaming, you can play a game through a variety of devices like PC, Android, and other devices. However, unfortunately the Apple has not approved the application with a platform like this, so cloud-gaming is still limited in some devices just deh.

2. Smuggle Truck

Smuggle Truck is a game that takes the theme of people smuggling as the main story. This game requires you to drive trucks containing immigrants who want to illegally enter the United States. App Store of course act when receiving this game from the developer. Though the developers argued that the Smuggle Truck was created as a medium of protest against US immigration regulations that are too difficult to obey if taken in a legal way.

3. Endgame: Syria

Gameplay is quite innovative because Endgame: Syria make real-time news as a game. This game is shaped like a trading game that the theme of war in Syria. There are two phases to go through in this game, the political phase and the military phase. The theme is still too sensitive considered less suitable to be included into the App Store.

4. Phone Story

Game Phone Story titled controversial because he raised the story of how the journey of an HP, ranging from manufacturing to received in the hands of customers. Mirisnya is this game tells about the workers who were forced to work to mine iron in Congo, until Foxconn employees who choose to end life. Of course the Apple is not happy with themed games like this.5. In a Permanent Save State

In a Permanent Save State is also one of the games that the App Store can not accept. The game, which features a surrealist theme, tells the story of seven workers who once worked for the Foxconn company and ended up suicidal because of the overworked workload. Actually this game has good intentions for trying to insinuate the labor situation in China whose energy is drained away.

6. Sweatshop

Last there is Sweatshop. The game is submitted to the App Store with the name Sweatshop HD tells the story of a factory that employs workers of all ages as a worker. This game requires you to choose whether to use children as a laborer or an adult. Each has a different skill, depending on the experience. Of course this game reap the controversy for trying to lift the story with a bad rough working theme. Although this game is rejected by Apple App Store, but Sweatshop still you can find as Flash game on the Internet.

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