6 Coolest Indie Games of All Time

6 Coolest Indie Games of All Time

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Indie Games is a game developed independently by parties and without any financial assistance from a publisher. Usually they are more focused on innovation with different gameplay innate when compared with the game market.

Indie games also mostly bring gameplay exciting and popularity that is not inferior to online games. Games from indie developers also have many genres ranging from horror, racing and other genres.

Indie games also mostly bring simple gameplay but difficult to play, one indie game that is fairly simple is angry birds, games that you must ever play.

Well under Jaka will review about some of the coolest indie games that must be played !.

6 Coolest Indie Games

1. Inside

Inside is the coolest indie game that looks like it is usually simple but challenging. This game only brings 2D graphics and does not support good music, essentially Inside game is very simple.

Here you will be charged with an adventure game character who started it after escaping from somewhere.

Interesting aspect of this game also presents a puzzle that is very difficult to solve, therefore this game can be quite challenging.

2. Owlboy

The coolest Indie game is also completely unattractive in terms of graphics. However, although the graphics Owlboy fairly typical with the game of the 90s and the story is also interesting. This game is arguably new because it was present in November 2016.You act as otus which is a hybrid of human and owl, your task is simple enough to try to save the village from colonialism.

3. Firewatch

If you like adventure games then you must play Firewatch because the gameplay is very challenging!

Role as a jungle keeper, you will be given several missions one of which is to investigate the strange things that have happened to the area. There are several other more difficult missions in this Firewatch game.

4. The Witness

This game is also full of puzzles, you will be invited to the jungle adventure housed on a mysterious island, in addition to the many puzzles you have to complete in this game. Coupled with interesting graphics as well as challenging. Make game lovers openworld game The Witness is perfect for you to play.

5. Stardew Valley

If you ever play harvest moon game most likely will not be difficult to play this game. Although not as good as the harvest moon this game will still give a different sensation.

Stardew Valley can you start by farming, keeping some animals from fish, cows, goats, chickens and horses, how to play it is no different from the game harvest moon is trying to care for plants and animals that you have.

6. Oxenfree

This game is also not quite long released, although the graphics are not 3D yet but this game brings its own impression and. different from similar games.This game will invite you to adventure with a character named alex, explore the mysterious island without any occupants, the game is quite mystical Oxenfree also because you will also be served some paranormal tools.

The final word

That's 6 games made by the best indie developer you have to play. 6 of the coolest indie games above most likely you have never played because it is present not so long if you are curious then can download it.

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