6 Course This Entry is Easy enough. But Out Passed Its Promising Opportunity!

6 Course This Entry is Easy enough. But Out Passed Its Promising Opportunity!

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Entering the college gate, as if you were challenged to start designing the future wisely. Choosing a college course should not be perfunctory. Not the origin of the mother's mother happy or important origin tastes of college. Choosing a college course like choosing a life partner, be careful not to regret it later.

But a good college for your future one day, not only college majors that have a high passing grade. Departments that have a mediocre passing grade just have a great chance to get you into a more successful person. Do not trigger underestimate the peminatnya little, precisely from there you have a great opportunity to develop skills.

1. Department of English Literature may be quiet enthusiasts. But when entering the world of work, it could be the most sought graduates.

Department of literature is almost always quiet enthusiasts. Many who think to study in this department have no good prospects. But do not rush to believe with this assumption. If you choose English Literature, it does not mean you do not have a good career opportunity. Precisely many good opportunities are wide open later.

By choosing a major in English Literature, career opportunities such as researchers, journalists, embassy staff, translators, or even English teachers can be found.

2. Starting from the author until the community developer you can pioneer when entering the Department of Anthropology

In the social sciences, the Anthropology department is the department that enables its students to go beyond the classroom for a long time. In practice, Anthropology students are required to stay within a certain period of time with indigenous peoples in different regions. The goal is that you can know the traces of culture created by humans in the past. Learning Anthropology also makes you more sensitive to the surrounding environment, which ultimately makes you as an easy person to blend in.

As a graduate of Anthropology, you can get career opportunities as a researcher, writer, community development in various companies, and many others. An Antropolg will also be flexible in choosing a career suited for himself. So you do not have to worry about not getting a job.

3. For those of you who claim to travel, entering the department of Tourism can be an option.

The world of tourism means identical to the tourism activities that everyone wants to do. Then what if you dabbled directly into the tourism industry, of course the opportunity to conduct tourism activities so wide open is not it? : P. Take a course in tourism in college, meaning you have the opportunity to work in the field of hospitality, cruise, or tour manager. These jobs also allow you to travel around Indonesia and even abroad for free.

4. Chemical Engineering Department is not as sordid as it sounds. You can get the highest salary later if you enter this department.A survey of the National Association of Colleges and Employees (NACE) mentions the undergraduate workers in chemical engineering to be one of the highest income professions in the world. From a survey that has been done by this NACE, should not make you think again if you have to take this Chemical Engineering majors. Because a bright future with a guaranteed salary is already waiting.

Not only have to struggle in the laboratory to mix chemicals, Chemical Engineering graduates also have career opportunities to work in agribusiness, chemical process industries, renewable energy industries, or even the banking industry.

5. Increasingly chaotic urban conditions make the Department of Regional and City Planning have a great opportunity to learn.

Starting a lot of high-rise buildings that do not heed environmental sustainability, making the arrangement of cities in Indonesia becomes increasingly chaotic. If not immediately found a solution, then the form of cities in Indonesia will increasingly unorganized and become uncomfortable to be a place to live.

Thus, graduates majoring in Regional and City Planning have a great opportunity to overcome this. The sciences you get during college in PWK majors will be of great benefit in the future.

6. Lectures on Shipping Techniques make you an expert in creating the best ships for the country. Are you sure you are interested?

Indonesia is known as a maritime country, where the ocean is much larger than its land area. As for the islands in Indonesia are also still many are separated by the sea, so the ship becomes a means of transportation that is still very reliable than airplanes.

If you choose the Shipping Technique as a course to enter college, then your chance to create the best ship for the motherland is wide open. Not just about a big salary, but a sense of pride has contributed to the country you will also get.

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