6 Days Left Parents in Forest, Children 7 Years Congratulations

6 Days Left Parents in Forest, Children 7 Years Congratulations

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Vemale.com – When children misbehave, it is difficult to be advised and annoying, of course this will make the parents feel sad, disappointed or even angry. Even so, any child should be patient to keep patience and advise the child in a way that does not endanger the child. Do not punish a child with severe punishment much less absurd as the parents in Japan do.

Quoted from the page asiantown.net, parents in Japan some time ago has punished the child by leaving him in the forest alone. The child is known as Yamato Tanooka. Yamato himself is a child who was 7 years old. Her own abandonment in the forest by parents began when Yamato made a mistake and the parents pulled themselves out of the car they were traveling on.

Yamato (bottom left) and the cursor attempt against him when he is lost in the forest | Photo: Copyright asiantown.net

Parents lower Yamato in the forest because parents want to punish and form discipline. From the confession of parents, they leave Yamato in the forest very briefly. But, when parents return to where he dropped Yamato, the parents found that the baby was not there. Furthermore, parents reported this to the local police. Getting this report, hundreds of police, soldiers, civilians and forest police search the Yamato.

Search done within at least 6 days. Luckily, a few days ago Yamato was found in a safe condition. According to Manabu Takehara, a spokesman for the Self-Defense Force in Japan, Yamato was found at a military base there. He was found in a safe condition and his body was slightly scarred.

Takehara said, "The boy was found in a state of survival, a miracle of seeing the forest where he lost possessed many bears and beasts, he was found in good health and fine, he only suffered multiple scratches on his body after 6 days lost. " The loss of Yamato itself seems not only horrendous to the police and army apparatus, it has also become a concern at the National level of Japan. "

Search efforts against Yamato | Photo: Copyright asiantown.net

For what happened to Yamato, many netter deplore the actions of parents who leave their own children in the forest. The action itself has generated much debate among the public and questioned whether punishing children with severe punishment could shape the child's discipline or traumatize children.

If you think, how ya ya your opinion? Whatever and how naughty child, try to always give advice and train it to be a disciplined person in a proper way, not harm the child and not make both parties harmed.

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