6 Epic Museum in Jogja that Rarely Known People, The Collection Make Your Camera On Terus

6 Epic Museum

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Traveling is always fun, especially when accompanied by the dear ones. Well, for you who like to walk and can not diem at home or boarding an. This time will be served epic places with an atmosphere different from other places.
"Hmm, the rich if the streets to the museum is ngebosenin deh, because only so-so"

"Nah also kok, all learn .. you are a child Instagram, for a collection of photos you rarely others have"

"Well, if the photos do I want .. Yuk hehe"


For those of you who are in Jogja, who study in Jogja, the original Jogja or those who are on holiday to Jogja .. Well, there is an interesting educational tour that will make you more love of Indonesia and marvel at the same history.

1. If you want to feel the history tour with the natural scenery is still beautiful, Ullen Sentalu Museum is the place

Not many people know about the existence of this one museum. It is located in the upper area, which is on Jalan Boyong, Kaliurang make this museum away from the frenetic life of the city. The collection makes anyone amazed, then there is no doubt that Ullen Sentalu has the best museum predicate in Indonesia. For those of you who want to tour while learning and enjoy the cool mountain air, do not have to hesitate to come here. The museum educators are ready to accompany you guys around and invite to learn history directly. Oiya, available cafes, restaurants and shops here, cold-cold would be delicious ditemenin warm tea or other warm menus. So, for you who are curious, immediately wrote here. Ticket prices start from 30,000, a little expensive indeed, but not for you guys nyesel deh.

2. Here, Tembi Rumah Budaya museum is often the stage of the Indonesian artists

Tembi Rumah Budaya, Museum is usually synonymous with a quiet and quiet atmosphere. Unlike the existing museum on Jalan Parangtritis km 8.4 Sewon, this Bantul. This museum presents a variety of different, opened to the public until the evening because there are stage performances are usually presented here. Often held a variety of cultural arts activities such as art exhibitions and artists residency, traditional and contemporary art performances, dance and theater performances, until the night of poetry reading. The collection also varied, ranging from kris, spear, sword, and others. For you who want to refreshing as well, there is a pool that blends with nature, because it overlooks the green rice paddies. Come on, play to the museum let me not just a play tour aja 🙂

3. Want nostalgia with your childhood full of games? Kolong Tangga Museum is the place

Its unique name attracts the attention of the masses. Indeed, the location of this museum is right under the ladder concert hall Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. The establishment of a museum adjacent to the Smart Park is busy visited by children to play while learning. The collection is undoubtedly, 10,000 collections of traditional toys, posters, pictures and much more. Uniquely, the toys in this museum is not a factory-made toys, but handmade are still traditional and have their own meaning. Like gasing, piggyback, yoyo, dakon, doll gloves and others. The collection is neatly arranged, and a crowded color can also be made to take pictures while nostalgic dolanan small age first. Quite cheap htm him, that is 4000 only. Kangen same childhood? come here ajaa ..4. Bored with lectures in the classroom? Let's try to Museum Pendidikan Indonesia

Many people of Yogyakarta are not familiar with this museum, because of its location that blends with the campus complex UNY (Yogyakarta State University). Inside this Museum of Indonesian Education you will find items of ancient stationery equipment such as lotar leaves, paper merang, grip, slate or nib (pen eyes to write with wet ink) and many others. For those of you who are curious and want to see firsthand the unique objects, MPI provides it in the original, not just a replica. Entrance fee is very cheap, only 2,500 lhoo ..

5. Yuk, flashback to the past through a secret message at Sandi Yogyakarta Museum

Yogyakarta is full of secrets turned out, who would have thought that the Museum Sandi is the first museum and the only one in Indonesia is also in the world that stores various collections of objects and equipment to send secret messages. One interesting thing, in Sandi Museum there are multimedia facilities with touch screen technology (touchscreen). Through this facility visitors are invited to play interactively to decode and password system. During this museum visit the tourists will be accompanied by a guide that explains about the ins and outs of museum.Nah collection, how .. still say if going to the museum was boring? The museum is no less modern with other tours. The location of this museum is located on Jalan FM, Kotabaru. Free and opened to the public .. Yuk play to the museum ..

Do not forget to stop by Wanagama Wood Museum before traveling to the beaches of Gunungkidul

Again Jogja, this one million tourist city offers educational attractions in the Playen area, Gunugkidul. Wanagama Wooden Museum name, from the name would have been predictable that this museum is a museum with a collection of the majority of wood. A wide range of wood carvings is a collection of museums. Gupala statue made of sengon wood about 50 years old, as a symbol of the existence of the museum Wanagama, a pair of statues Roro Blonyo and Jaka Blonyo made from sawo wood comes from Gunung Kidul and Boyolali, Toraja statue of uru wood originating from South Sulawesi, (teak wood shaped statue of people from Bojonegoro, and various wooden masks of various shapes and motifs is a beautiful sculpture collection that can be found in this museum Wanagama.Hingga, this museum is managed by the Faculty of Forestry UGM, free of charge to enjoy the uniqueness of the collection in this museum.

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