6 Exciting adventures that must be tested while browsing Rinjani

6 Exciting adventures that must be tested while browsing Rinjani

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Indonesia can be proud because it has Mount Rinjani. The peak of this majestic mountain range includes Seven Summits Indonesia.

One of the highest mountains in the archipelago is known in the world. Rinjani has even won international tourism awards.

As an Indonesian, certainly not complete if we have never set foot in Rinjani. Then what activities can be tested while visiting there? Here are some exciting activities that will make your adventure in Rinjani unforgettable.

1. Enjoy the rich variety of nature Rinjani

Panorama Mount Rinjani Rinjaninationalpark.com

Mount Rinjani crossed Wallace Line. This imaginary line marks the boundary between the spread of Asian and Australian flora fauna. Located in the transition zone between Asia and Australia provides its own distinctive features for Rinjani. Here we can find the rainforest vegetation of the mountains as well as savanna covered with edelweis typical of Australia.

Unique animals with a unique blend of two continents can also be encountered here, among others Rinjani weasel, Rinjani owl, budal monkeys, and horns cikukua birds.

2. Conquer the top of Rinjani
Panorama Mount Rinjani Rinjaninationalpark.com

There is no greater satisfaction than standing on one of the highest peaks of the archipelago. This sensation can be obtained after the hiking for several days. Although the terrain is quite heavy, but tired and fatigue will pay off with the amazing view at the summit.

Even if you do not intend to climb to the top, you can stop at Lake Segara Anak. The view on the crater lake is also not going to disappoint.

3. Trekking while enjoying the natural beauty aroundPanorama Mount Rinjani Rinjaninationalpark.com

Rinjani National Park area touted as a five-star trekking path, because the diversity of ecosystems there will make trekking activities more memorable. In addition, the climbing and trekking activities here are well managed by the government and local residents.

Tourists can find rental services guide, porter, chef, until the rental of equipment with the official rate. No wonder that Rinjani become one of the best tourist exploration destinations in Southeast Asia.

Explore the mountain by bicycle

Panorama Mount Rinjani Rinjaninationalpark.com

Not only hiking and trekking, mountain biking (mountain bike) in Rinjani so exciting activities that began ogled tourists. Not infrequently foreign tourists who deliberately come here to try out the mountain bike. The reason, Rinjani offers the most challenging downhill tracks to be conquered.

There are several climbing routes commonly taken by mount bikers. Among them are the Senaru Line, the Sembalun Line, the Timbanuh Line, and the Torean Line. Each has its own level of difficulty.

5. Overnight on the edge of Segara Anak

Panorama Mount Rinjani Rinjaninationalpark.com

Camping on the shore of Lake Segara Anak will make your adventure in Rinjani more complete. This lake is the favorite resting point of the climbers. While enjoying the silence of the lake and the magnificent Barujari, the son of Mount Rinjani, you can spend time fishing.

6. Experience the local wisdom in Senaru traditional villageSenaru Village Sembalunadventure.com

If you take the Senaru ascent route, you can stop by this traditional village. Not only serves as a departure point to Rinjani, Senaru itself save a variety of beauty that unfortunately missed.

The row of custom homes and the Bayan bundle there will make you feel like stepping into the past. There are also ancient mosques of Bayan and traditional custom house of Karang Bajo which is still well groomed. However, the main attraction Senaru is a society that still retains traditional values.

7. Hunting waterfalls

Panorama Mount Rinjani Rinjaninationalpark.com

In addition to the diversity of flora fauna, Rinjani is also home to dozens of gorgeous waterfalls. Some of them are Sendang Gile Waterfall, Yarn Netting Waterfall, Stokel Yarn Waterfall, and Tiu Kerep Waterfall.

This waterfall get the outpouring of Lake Segara Anak and several other springs. Some of them have been managed to become tourist attractions.

That's some exciting activities that you can enjoy in the area Rinjani. Want to try one of them? Merdeka.com and Vaseline Men will give you a chance to mountain bike in Rinjani area. Register yourself for the Wonderful Extreme Indonesia competition through wei.merdeka.com/join.

Upload the most extreme action video on Instagram by including the #WEI and #bastified tags. Each video will be uploaded to the WEI microsite and judged by the judges of Merdeka.com. Winners will be invited to skydiving in Karimunjawa, longboarding in Sumba, and mountain bike in Rinjani. Exclamation, right? [tsr]

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