6 Existing Future Technology in the Past

6 Existing Future Technology in the Past

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Technology is growing all the time. Times are getting more sophisticated and progressing. As we know developed countries have issued a technology that can even save human life and sophisticated innovation. Not even a few of those technologies are inspired from the films that tell about the future.

Well, here are some future technologies that are now beginning to emerge and develop in this period.

6 Existing Future Technologies

1. 3D Printer or 3D Printer

3D printers are already there and developed as a 3 dimensional drawing tool. The latest 3-dimensional printer technology is also known as a rapid prototype or stereolithography in which a 3-dimensional object is created by laying multiple consecutive layers of material. This 3D printer technology will be the booming printing tool of the future.

2. Autonomous Semi Car

If you know the Knight Rider movie, this semi autonomous car is an implementation of the film. This car technology allows the vehicle to move and drive until the destination without using a driver. Currently Google is developing this car. A car without a driver is believed to be a trend in the future.

3. Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality technology works by combining two-dimensional and three-dimensional virtual objects into a real environment and then projecting these virtual objects in real time. This technology is like a hologram and this technology will be the choice of technology in the future which will be applied in smartphone applications.

4. Personal Assistance

You must know Jarvis, a computer program in the Iron Man movie. Jarvis is one of the personal assistance programs where the computer can do something according to the command we give. Currently personal assistance already exists in the form of Siri on iOS and Google Now on Android smartphones. Do not be surprised with the voice commands of a gadget is like a robot and follow the command as what is ordered.5. Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a future technology that can help humans to manipulate tiny particles that are just the size of an atom. Nanometer has a size of 1 per billionth of a meter that may be very small and difficult to hold with empty hands. As a goal nanotechnology is expected to create new materials in the future. Currently nanotechnology has been widely developed to make infrastructure related to the internet such as one of them is fiber optic cable.

6. Space Elevator

Space Elevator or elevator into space becomes one of the targets developed by developed countries. Even the SpaceX company once declared to immediately realize this Space Elevator. Maybe later in the future we can travel to space just by using an elevator.

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