6 Fascinating Traveling Destinations If Explored By Bicycles

6 Fascinating Traveling Destinations If Explored By Bicycles

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Traveling has now become more than just a necessity, but a lifestyle that must be dilakoni by urban. Access to information more easily from news portals to travel bloggers about the choice of destinations to make the passion of the streets more and more people become. Are you included in the category of hunters who are currently hits this?

On the other hand, the increasing popularity of bicycles as a hobby of weekend fillers as well as daily transportation has made the bike a new prima donna right now. Combining the two different activities, it will produce an experience that is not less great with the excitement of the story of the blogger travel written in his blog.

Where does a bike travel destination interesting to visit? Here Hipwee will tell you some natural spots you can enjoy by cycling.

1. Enjoy the remnants of the ferocity of Merapi in Jurang Bike Park, Muntilan.

Located about 7-8 km from Ngepos Merapi Monitoring Post, precisely in the Village of Salam Sari, kecamata Srumbung, Magelang regency. Simply travel for 45 minutes from downtown Yogyakarta and 25 minutes from Muntilan. To reach Judah Jero, the road is quite heavy, uphill, and rocky, making it difficult to use a saloon car to go to this place.

However, the exhausting journey will be paid off by the beautiful natural track that is still filled with pine trees and other green plants that cool the eyes. There are several paths offered, ranging from mild to downhill special track with a 5 meter gap that must be passed. Simply pay 5000 thousand, you can enjoy the beauty of the charm offered Jurang Jero.

2. Cycling through Bromo? Why not?

Perhaps many think the 5cm name is pinned on the track associated with the popular 5cm movie in 2012 ago. Eits, make no mistake, the 5cm name is used because there is a vertical chasm on the left and right of the track, plus a single track track width of no more than 1.5 meters makes the cyclists should be super cautious.

Located at an altitude of 2000 mdpl, has a length of 25 kilometers with the dominance of land derivatives as well as an amazing view of this one track is worth a try.

Start starts from Pananjakan (Pasuruan) which is famous as the most fitting spot to see the sunrise and ends under the terminal Sukapura (Probolinggo District). This track is perfect for those of you who like to ride cycling without skipping the photo session ria.

3. Try out the all-mountain lane in the North Bandung area.One of the favorite destinations of off-road bikes is located not far from Bandung and Jakarta, precisely in the area Cikole. Despite being included in the enduro line category, the track still provides adrenaline-racking downhill tracks. There are six track options that can be enjoyed with different levels of difficulty, with a stunning combination of scenery ranging from pine forests, tea plantations, to local homes.

The path used is actually the path that is often used by residents around protected forest areas to look for wood. The location provides a path with a down-hill to all mountain route complete with sharp turns and road conditions are often wet, so the cyclist is still included in the category of beginners is advised to be careful and practice first before the track into the entry area the protected forest.

4. You can also try along the pine forest of Mangunan through off-road lane

The popularity of pine forest Mangunan in Bantul district, Yogyakarta can not be doubted. Starting from the protected forest area that is often used as a place for pre-wedding photos, as well as the climb-tanjakannya humans are often bypassed by on-road cyclists have made the area of ??pine forest Mangunan as a legendary bike route in Jogja.

Access to this area is relatively easy, with 25 km distance through Imogiri west line, we can enjoy the natural path with the dominance of towering pine trees with cool air typical of the forest. It took 35 minutes to walk the path. With the same downhill and uphill tracks as well as the combination of rocky roads and wetlands make the pine forest Mangunan as a bike travel destination that you must visit when playing to Jogja.

5. Laying the weeds and cold feet of Mount Merapi in Klangon, Yogyakarta

We can enjoy Merapi more closely through this place, gentle breeze and weeds that adorn the path that is also often used as a camping location. It only takes about 45 minutes from downtown Jogja to get to Klangon.

The bike path is dominated by an all-mountain track with a derivative that can still be passed by a hobbyist class with a beginner level technique. Before enjoying the descend, we will do a little hiking for 15 minutes to get to the starting point. Do not worry about the lazy guys bringing bikes up, because there are porters that can be hired to bring your favorite bikes up, while you are busy spending your hot tea at a stall near the parking lot of the tourist area.

Try the table-top and drop zone in the area of ??Turgo Bike Park, Yogyakarta

Turgo Bike Park is an area that is specifically used for down-hill cyclists, with paying a levy of Rp 5000.00. Here we can contently try the usual path for a down-hill bike race complete with drop-zone and table top at the end of the track.

Access to this place is very easy, just follow the straight highway to the north of Tugu Yogyakarta area for 40 minutes. There we will be treated to spots that are suitable for jumping by bicycle. After passing the down-hill track, we can blusukan past the area of ??rice fields and salak plantation belonging to the residents up to the front of Warung Ijo, Pakem which became a gathering place for goweser Jogja.Well, there are several bike travel destinations with beautiful scenery and natural that you can visit. Have any other recommendations for cycling? Share your comments in the comments field!

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